Krissy Mosby Named President of Window Film Depot

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Window Film Depot (WFD), a leading window film installation contractor, today announced the promotion of Krissy Mosby to President. She succeeds Jeff Franson, who founded the business along with family members, Chris Sullivan and Stephen Franson, in the early ’90s.

“I am excited to take on this role and to lead WFD into this next stage of our business,” said Mosby. “I will focus on growth, driven by our already exceptional customer service and by leveraging the latest technologies and products in our industry. Doing so, while maintaining the values of our family business, will be my key focus.”

Since 2000, Window Film Depot has been the largest volume 3M dealer of solar and security window films in the US. Mosby, who started working with the business as a summer intern while studying at the University of Georgia, has been a big part of the company’s growth over the last ten plus years, serving most recently as National Accounts Director.

According to Franson, “Window Film Depot had been a predominantly local business; however, we recognized a need for national accounts to be serviced differently. Early on, and as expected, we met a lot of resistance as we grew geographically into markets across the US. We were early adopters of heavy investments in Google PPC while building out multiple city landing webpages to drive leads. Our strategy was to go after multi-site commercial work aggressively, deliver superior project management and install quality, while using trusted materials. With the support of our main supplier 3M, it proved a winning strategy for our family business.”

Mosby had much to do with the past successes of the business and played a key role in implementing this new strategy.

“We couldn’t be happier or better positioned for the next stage of growth for the brand,” concluded Franson. “Krissy has been ‘under the hood’ and out front in our business for over a decade. She has been responsible for many successes along the way. A smart and tenacious business developer and operator, Krissy will lead the business forward in exciting ways.”

About Window Film Depot

Headquartered in Marietta, GA, WFD has completed over 50,000 projects, providing architectural film solutions for customers, ranging from the Vatican and the executive branch of the US government to numerous national retailers in all 50 states.

Window Film Depot pioneered the national service model now prevalent across the industry, proving a historically local business model could translate nationally with the right mix of technology, people talent, and investment.

As 3M’s first ‘million-dollar dealer’ and three-time 3M “National Dealer of the Year Award” recipient, the company has been named Window Film Magazine’s ‘Top Window Film Dealer’ on numerous occasions.

Window Film Depot’s CEO Jeff Franson Featured in Window Film Magazine

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In the May/June 2019 edition of Window Film Magazine, president and CEO of Window Film Depot, Jeff Franson, was featured in the piece Selling Security Film…And Following up with an Expert Install. 

In the article, Franson underscores an “elevated responsibility” for industry professionals to not only deliver on the security film needs of schools and educational institutions, but also to manage the expectations of anxious parents and administrators. He outlines three main phases necessary for a successful security film project. 

Addressing the “Big Three”

Unlike other types of window film, selling and installing security film comes with an added layer of complexity. Prospective customers often need to be informed of the solutions in best alignment with the type of defense they’re seeking to optimally safeguard a building’s occupants. This conversation reflects the first phase of Franson’s big three: Presentation, site assessment, and installation services.

The following is an excerpt taken from Jeff Franson’s article published in Window Film Magazine.

When presenting security window films, it’s critical that dealers clearly state what security films will and will not do. Within the industry, we all know window films (and advanced glazing) are not “bulletproof.” Nothing is. Unfortunately, prospects have other ideas based on video of dubious origin across the Internet. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to make sure to ask the customer what their threat level is – what they are trying to defend against? You also need to know what their budget is.

If they’re looking to ‘stop’ bullets, it’s time for you to refer to a ballistic glazing expert or invest in becoming one yourself. If the customer’s goal is ‘delay,’ then security window films are an effective and affordable part of any layered defense plan for buildings. If delay is the goal, then you’re the right person for the job. Still, don’t forget The Golden Rule for selling security window film performance – under promise – because creating a false sense of security could be deadly.

Once security window film has been identified as the proper solution intended to “delay” an attacker from entering a space, it’s time to confirm that the existing glass and glazing systems are suitable for anchored film protection. If you care about your customer, you should advise them against installing security film for active shooter mitigation without the proper anchor to the frame. Without suitable frames, it’s your responsibility to refer the customer to a solution better suited for existing conditions. If you’re using a caulk anchor, make sure to perform an adhesion compatibility test to ensure the caulk with bond properly to the applied film and existing glazing frames. 

Once your assessment has confirmed the suitability of the anchored film solution, it’s time to go to work. Job number one on any security film project is to make sure your project manager confirms application and aesthetic standards with the customer representative responsible for sign-off. Too many projects go sideways when a customer’s expectations are not met – and that’s your fault – not theirs’. Utilize the third-party IWFA-provided worksheet for installation quality and curing standards. Provide a ‘mock-up’ of a completed window with anchor so everyone is on the same page concerning what the ‘finished product’ looks like. Once agreement is made, make sure the entire installation meets or exceeds the approved mock-up. 

An Expert Install

To follow a high level overview of the process to install anchored security window film to meet written standards and (hopefully) some helpful hints to ensure a smooth project for you, your customers, and installers. visit the article to see this installation process or contact Window Film Depot for more information.

Window Film Depot Recognized by 3M for Excellence

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Window Film Depot Wins 3M ‘Dealer of the Year Award’ for 3rd Time

San Diego, Ca.  03-27-2011

3M Company has named Window Film Depot, a “Dealer of the Year” (SE) for the third time at its recent Renewable Energy National Conference in San Diego. Specializing in energy window films installation for buildings and retail storefronts, Window Film Depot President Jeff Franson was presented the award along with his father, Steve Franson, Vice President of Sales, at the annual business conference.

We’re very excited to win this award from 3M. Our family owned and operated Company works very hard to deliver exceptional service and value for our customers. It’s nice to be recognized for the hard work our employees and partners put in each day. The fact that we are also part of the conservation answer for society makes the award all that more important to us.

3M’s Renewable Energy business is the fastest growing global division for the $27 billion dollar Company. Innovators of popular products like Post-it-Notes and Scotch tape, 3M’s window film conservation products provide next generation answers to today’s energy challenges.

Window Film Depot is one of 3M’s 300 professional dealers across the US and was awarded the prestigious award based on sales volume customer approval rankings and overall business performance.

To contact Window Film Depot for your project needs, please call 877-236-3456 or e-mail

WFD Christmas Party

Window Film Depot Receives Top Award from 3M

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WFD Christmas Party

At a recent dealer meeting hosted by Energy Products Distribution in Baltimore, Window Film Depot was named 3M’s “National Dealer of the Year” for 2016. This is the third time in ten years the family owned company has received 3M’s highest award for sales and overall business performance.

Window Film Depot sells and installs innovative products from 3M’s Commercial Solutions Division across the United States. The company specializes in the sales and professional installation of solar window films designed to lower energy consumption and security window films intended to make glass safer in buildings. Over 3,500 unique properties have benefited from the company’s products and services over the past twelve months.

3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, its innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. 3M has made buildings safer and more energy efficient and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment.

WFD 3M Certified Dealer

3M is one of the most trusted brands in the world and is highly ranked by Fortune Magazine as one of “The World’s Most Admired Companies.” Recently, 3M overcame Google as the number one place for millennials to work at when entering the global workforce, according to the National Society of High School Scholars.

Window Film Depot is headquartered in Marietta, Ga. and has regional offices throughout the United States. For more information, please contact Jeff Franson, CEO @ 404-313-1291 or

Quick Calc from WFD helps Estimate $avings with 3M Window Film

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Energy Savings Calculator

Our energy savings calculator offers you a simple estimate on potential savings for your building achieved through the installation of our 3M Energy Control Window Films by Window Film Depot.
In addition to this ‘cool tool’, Window Film Depot will work with your building engineer to provide detailed energy audit services utilizing convincing DOE and E-Film software. Our comprehensive process of modeling your building helps quantify savings achieved through reduced HVAC costs.
At a fraction of the cost of replacement, treating existing windows and door glass with energy saving window films offer a great opportunity for building owners to reduce energy demand and lower building operating costs.
Typical savings from 3M retro-fit energy films lead to ROI of under 3-4 years. Savings can occur for up to 20 years with higher quality films from 3M.
Beyond dollar savings, 3M Energy Management Films control building ‘hot spots’ and reduce peak electricity demand. 3M Clear Heat Control Films minimize ‘brownout’ disruptions during high energy load periods without changing the look of your existing glass.
Window Film Depot is a capable installer of energy and sustainability films for large buildings anywhere in the US. We service REIT’s, property management firms and ESCO’s – including Siemens and Johnson Controls – which are responsible for making buildings more efficient and LEED compliant.
Our turnkey wholesale service includes confirmation of specifications, building modeling, assessing installation sites, product sampling and national installation services.
Call 877-933-3456 for help with your building envelope energy conservation plan.

LEED Gold Becomes the New Federal Green Standard

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The U.S. General Services Administration recently made LEED-Gold certification the standard for all federal buildings. This means that all new federal buildings and major renovation projects need to achieve a minimum LEED-Gold certification. This is a step-up from the previous requirement for major overhauls or renovation of federal buildings which was a LEED – Silver certification.

The GSA Commissioner of Public Buildings Robert A. Peck said in a statement, that sustainable, better-performing federal buildings could go a long way to contributing to the reduction of the government’s environmental footprint.

LEED-Silver certification still remains the standard requirement for new construction lease projects of 10,000 square feet or more. For leases in existing buildings, tenant agencies could request that a LEED certification under the Commercial Interiors (LEED-CI) standards be met and maintained.

LEED Certification

The LEED green building certification program is the accepted standard used in determining a building’s sustainability. Achieving LEED certification is the most effective method of demonstrating that a building is sustainable in terms of energy conservation.

A LEED certified building signifies the conscious use of green materials in the building and this covers the exterior and the interior. Water conserving and energy conserving materials would have been employed in construction and remodelling of a LEED certified building. There are many advantages to having a LEED certified building (read this post).

3M Window Film Contributes to LEED Credits

Several materials are listed on the LEED website as green materials and one of the foremost is 3M Window Film. The layers of polyester film bonded by special adhesives, impregnated with ultraviolet inhibitors make it an obvious choice.

Window Film Depot

Is a company that has years in professional installation of 3M Window Film. Window Film Depot has experience working on government buildings. Using 3M window film in your construction or remodelling projects can go a long way towards earning the LEED-Gold certification which is now the standard for federal building. If you need a free estimate, contact

14% Growth in LEED Buildings in 2010

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2010 saw a really bad year in the real estate market with the global financial crisis. Property prices slumped like they hadn’t in a very long time and all around the country, investors were finding it increasingly hard to rent or sell their property.

In the green building market however, the story was slightly different. Although the green building market was not totally immune to the recession, it was not as bad as the overall real estate market. In a report released yesterday November 17, by Rob Watson of, the third annual Green Building Market & Impact Report, it was revealed that “despite precipitous declines in the rate of growth, the total amount of LEED-certified buildings grew by one billion square feet in 2010, up to eight billion, or a growth rate of 14 percent.”
The report also found that on the whole, LEED buildings were a huge force in the reduction of the environmental footprint of individual structures.

Choosing to build with materials that are green and employing green standards when building, will help to reduce the overall environmental footprints. They help in the conservation of water and energy and attract a higher rent rate. What is more, you may be eligible for tax deductions in the process.

Using 3M Window Film will add to your LEED credit and the 3M Sun Control Window Film is a qualifying product which can make you eligible for a tax deduction.

Smart Buildings choose Window Film for Energy Savings

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Commercial Window Film Solutions – Atlanta

So, Mr Building Engineer, you’ve installed the timers on the lights, replaced the air filters, upgraded the HVAC system and changed out the light-bulbs….What now – your energy costs are still out of control? How about a money saving ’face-lift’ from Window Film Depot with high performance solar window films?

Conservation of energy is the ‘other side of the coin’ in today’s debate around energy independence.  For all the talk about solar, hydro, bio, and other ‘clean-tech’ solutions in the pipeline, one thing needs to be remembered. If we don’t conserve, we won’t win the battle, or the war.

Solar control window film is a proven solution for engineers, facility managers and building owners who work hard to drive building operating costs down through lower energy usage.

Building owners know that managing energy costs downward is critical to a profitable operation – and press their engineers for solutions that impact the bottom line.

Mr Building Owner, do us both a favor, on the next hot and sunny day, stand in front of one of your west facing windows and count to 20. Then, as you wipe the sweat from your brow, consider the benefits of solar control window films for a minute….and call the head engineer in for a meeting.

First, look at the performance. Solar films will block up to 75% of the heat gain streaming through windows. Low-E, (low emissivity), films provide dual purpose solutions by not only rejecting heat coming in, but also keep warm air in, acting as an insulator.

Second, solar film is easy to have installed. Solar films are installed on existing glass as a retro-fit in the matter of days, if not weeks for larger projects. Crews work off hours and on weekends to ensure a smooth and non-disruptive project.

Third, window film is a great investment that addresses multiple issues. Installed properly, solar window film will last form 20-30 years before needing replacement. For most buildings, the payback in energy savings alone is between 2 and 4 years. Ancillary benefits like improved tenant comfort, UV protection, glare control, added privacy and security make window film a ‘green solution’ with multiple value propositions.

Make sense? The next steps are easy. Window Film Depot provides national sales and installation services of solar, security and designer window films.

Call Window Film Depot today for our free assessment of your portfolio of properties. 866-933-3456 or use the contact form below to get the ball rolling.

Window Film Boston-Los Angeles-Orange County -New York-Tampa-Seattle -Atlanta- Window Film Solutions

Northern Trust Bank and Jones Lang LaSalle trust Window Film Depot to install their Solar and Glare Control Window Film…

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Chris Sullivan, Window Film Depot’s West Coast Market Manager, was contacted by Jones Lang LaSalle to help asses a serious problem Northern Trust Bank in Newport Beach was having with heat and glare. Jones Lang LaSalle is Northern Trust’s property management company. They have successfully used Window Film Depot on other projects like the new World of Coke building in downtown Atlanta. “When I first walked the property,” Chris states “three things immediately popped into my mind – I can’t believe they don’t have Film yet, this is not going to be easy, and it’s going to look so much better when we’re done!”

This property has over 3,500 square feet of glass and most of it faces South and West. In the always sunny climate of Newport Beach this presents an enormous problem with heat gain and glare. For years the bank has relied on drapes to block the sun. These drapes do very little to block the heat and look unsightly from the exterior. They also block the view and when closed the occupants need to rely on artificial lighting inside which consumes more energy.

After assessing the property and seeing the issues first hand Chris recommended 2 Film Types from 3M for the application. On the lower panels in the Front entrance 3M Prestige 70 was recommended because they need to keep the glass clear but still wanted the solar control benefits of Window Film. 3M Prestige Films use a nano-technology that allows it to be optically clear on the glass while blocking up to 66% of the sun’s solar energy. 3M P-18 was selected for the rest of glass because the exposure to the sun demanded a Film that was going to aggressively reduce sunlight and heat. With 78% Glare Reduction and 72% Heat Reduction, the P-18 was perfect for the job.

Scott Sullivan was the installation manager and worked after hours around the banks schedule and completed the installation in 8 days. Scott said, “There were some challenging areas and it wasn’t easy, but I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and dog-on-it I’m dangerous with a squeegee…”

George Arnell, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Northern Trust Facilities Manager, flew in from Texas to observe the installation once it was complete. He said, “Window Film Depot did an excellent job on this very difficult installation. The staff thinks the Window Film has made a huge difference. They can work without straining their eyes to see their computers, and the offices on the west side have noticed it’s much cooler and more comfortable now.”

We are looking forward to seeing the difference in the energy savings from next years hot summer months with the 3M Window Film to the previous year’s months without the Film. With this amount of glass facing South and West the building could yield 30 – 40% in energy savings! That’s an estimated payback of 3.5 years.

See the finished results and notice the aesthetic improvement the installation has brought to the building…

Whether you are a Facilities Manager looking to improve aesthetics of a building, or a building owner looking to “Go Green” and reduce energy consumption and cost; Window Film Depot has serviced Orange County’s top commercial clients from Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach to the FDA building in Irvine.

We can provide free energy audits and forecast the savings you can expect from installing our High Performance Window Films. For window film projects in Southern California, e-mail Chris Sullivan @ For service in all 50 states, call Window Film Depot Corporate @ 866-933-3456 or use the contact form below:

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