Window Film Depot donates 3M Security Film to Morningside High School's Esports Room

Window Film Depot Partners with School Specialty to Support CFP Foundation eSports Room at Morningside High School

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Window Film Depot donates 3M Security Film to Morningside High School's Esports Room
ATLANTA, GA – March 28, 2023
– Window Film Depot (WFD), a nationwide leader in window film installations, donated a 3M Security Film upgrade in the newly built College Football Playoff (CFP) Foundation Esports Room at Morningside High School in the Inglewood Unified School District in Los Angeles, California.

WFD’s Southern California team installed 250 square feet of 3M Ultra S25 Security Film with 3M Impact Protection Adhesive (IPA).

This effort is just the latest in WFD’s ongoing commitment to support the communities they serve nationwide. Among other endeavors, WFD donates materials and services each year to Homes for Heroes and the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Their work with school systems reflects a sincere dedication to supporting the needs of schools by protecting children, teachers, and the administration.

“Window Film Depot is so fortunate for the opportunity to be involved in projects that support our communities,” said Chris Sullivan, Vice President of FutureVu Brands. “The safety and comfort of our youth are paramount in supporting them as they gather the tools that will carry them into successful adulthood. We are proud of the role our 3M products can play in fulfilling that future.”

Benefits of 3M Ultra S25 Security Film (with IPA) include:

  • Delay of entry
  • Control glass failure
  • Mitigation of spontaneous glass breakage
  • Increased privacy
  • Glare reduction
  • Heat reduction

The Esports Room at Morningside High School was unveiled to the public in January of this year. Esports has been linked to numerous applications across a variety of fields, from coaches and analysts to a traditional job market hungry for STEM talent.

“Window Film Depot helped make an impact on the lives of the district, administrators, teachers, and students with their contribution,” said Mike Crumlin “MAC,” Vice President of School Specialty, Inc., with whom College Football Playoff Foundation partnered in this project. “Aside from being included in our remarks and representations during our extremely well-attended ribbon cutting, Window Film Depot’s contribution to the project has also been commemorated on a placard in the room itself.”

WFD is likewise involved with future community projects currently in the works with the Pasadena Unified School District in Pasadena, California, and three more in the Los Angeles Unified School District. Legendary Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson’s former middle school is included in these projects, all of which are in keeping with the culture of community stewardship the company and all FutureVu subsidiaries have embraced.

Floor Plan of Esports Room at Morningside High School

About Window Film Depot

Headquartered in Marietta, GA, WFD has completed over 50,000 projects, providing architectural film solutions for customers, ranging from the Vatican and the executive branch of the US government to numerous national retailers in all 50 states. Window Film Depot, a subsidiary of FutureVu Brands, is a multi-year 3M “National Dealer of the Year Award” recipient and the company has been named Window Film Magazine’s ‘Top Window Film Dealer’ on numerous occasions.

wfd texas school safety standards pr

Window Film Depot Implements Initiatives to Help Texas Schools Meet New Safety Standards

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wfd texas school safety standards pr

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, January 31, 2023— Window Film Depot, a nationwide leader in security window film installations designed to mitigate active shooter incidents, is launching  initiatives to help Texas school systems meet the new safety standards set by the Texas Education Agency (TEA). These new standards are being implemented state-wide in response to the recent school shootings in the state.

The over-arching goal is to increase security for students and faculty by reinforcing vulnerable entry points, such as ground level window and door glass. Specifically, the revised School Safety Standards call for the application of access denial window film to these vulnerable areas with the intention to delay entry into a building through broken glass.

To facilitate these changes, the TEA has allocated $400 million dollars in grants for school districts, which will be available in February 2023. Specifically, this money is to “assist school districts in replacing or upgrading doors, windows, fencing, communications, and other safety measures.” Schools have until February 17, 2023 to apply.

With a looming deadline and the vast number of schools seeking to complete that grant application, Window Film Depot, the nation’s leader in 3M window safety and security window film, is working alongside 3M and Texas local education agencies (LEA) to expedite the procurement process for school administrators.

“Window Film Depot is a trusted resource for schools across the state as they focus on meeting these updated safety standards,” said Krissy Mosby, President of Window Film Depot. “There are many factors for school administrators to consider, and we aim to do our part to ensure that each school is both compliant with the new state-wide regulations and provided with the right solution for their particular building security needs.”

Through educational webinars reviewing product and grant information, and, in certain cases, on-site assessments to help schools ascertain their exact needs and find the right security solutions, Window Film Depot will help school officials evaluate the types of security window film and other solutions available, such as DefenseLite® and BulletShield®, for more robust protection. Window Film Depot’s safety assessments meet the TEA standard requirements. Provided estimates are free to school systems and guaranteed to meet the state deadlines imposed for grant funding.

Window Film Depot has a national footprint, with an office conveniently located in Dallas-Fort Worth to help facilitate the new safety standards in Texas. As such, free assessments are available to schools across the entire state. Assistance is provided to all schools to best determine their security glazing needs, identify vulnerable entry points, and develop accurate quotes based on site specific information.

“We encourage school officials and safety compliance professionals to utilize the resources we are offering to determine how best their Texas School Safety Grant should be allocated for maximum security,” said Donnie McDaniel, Director of Government Sales at Window Film Depot. “Our solutions have been tested to meet Homeland Security, FEMA, GSA, and the Department of Defense standards, and we will help each school determine its unique needs to make the upgrades that will help ensure the safety of the students, faculty, and administrators.”

Window Film Depot has the following tools and resources for Texas school systems:

  • Webinars reviewing product and grant information
  • Compliance guidance for school administrators
  • A user-friendly RFP template to expedite the estimating process
  • Onsite and online threat-level assessments
  • Professional installation services

Estimates from Window Film Depot are broken down by zone, Zone 1 encompassing doors and entryways, per the state standard requirements. Zone 2 covers perimeter windows, which can be added-on and itemized at the school’s discretion for maximum security. TIPS-USA contract pricing is available statewide. Window Film Depot is also a GSA Contract Holder.

School systems are to verify that the new requirements, including security film, are met with the 2023 school year, with a contractor and a timeline in place no later than August 2023.

Schedule a 30-minute webinar to learn how Window Film Depot can assist in meeting School Safety Standards rule requirements.

About Window Film Depot

Headquartered in Marietta, GA, WFD has completed over 50,000 projects, providing architectural film solutions for customers, ranging from the Vatican and the executive branch of the US government to numerous national retailers in all 50 states. Window Film Depot, a subsidiary of FutureVu Brands, is a three time 3M “National Dealer of the Year Award” recipient and the company has been named Window Film Magazine’s ‘Top Window Film Dealer’ on numerous occasions.

Window Film Depot™ Recognized as an Authorized Dealer and Applicator of Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Deterrent Film

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Window Film Depot™ recently received certification to sell and apply the safety product for deterring bird collisions with glass.  


JULY 27, 2022 — Window Film Depot™ (WFD) is now an authorized dealer for Feather Friendly® Bird Collision Deterrent Film applications and sales, offering installation services for the popular safety product. Additionally, customers can have the product directly installed from WFD. 

As one of the first companies to connect the incline of bird fatalities to glass structures, Feather Friendly® continues to address the growing interests of government and other industries affecting the environmental issues. Due to human infrastructures developing so quickly and tampering with natural landscapes, estimates show bird collisions cause over one billion fatalities, with exterior glass structures the leading cause of death cause by lack of visibility for birds.  

Feather Friendly® addresses these prominent issues with its flagship product and technology The company describes it as an easy-to-use and unobtrusive window application; designed to be hard for people to see yet noticeable enough for birds to avoid collisions.  

WFD can install the product on clear, tinted and reflective windows. The company highlights four main product features: 

  • 98% visibility for birds 
  • Aesthetically pleasing design 
  • A lifespan of over 8 years and a 6-year warranty 
  • Affordable pricing 

With multiple field case studies to back Feather Friendly products, these studies prove window decals are visible to birds of all species and large associations such as the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP) and the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) endorse them.  

Window Film Depot provides free estimates for Feather Friendly® Bird Deterrent Film installation costs.

Feather Friendly WFD Certificate 2022

window film depot anniversary press release group photo

Window Film Depot Celebrates Its 30th Anniversary

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window film depot anniversary press release group photo

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, MAY 10, 2022 — Window Film Depot (WFD) is a family-owned and operated business headquartered in Marietta, Georgia, and has been serving the United States since 1992, marking this year as Window Film Depot’s 30th anniversary.

In honor of celebrating 30 years in business, our company’s founder, Jeff Franson and President Krissy Mosby share the release of a special edition interview. As a leader and pioneer in the window film industry, WFD offers:

  • Professional window film installation
  • Solar control with energy efficiency
  • Security glazing and privacy tinting
  • Commercial graphics printing

“[Window Film Depot] never limited any opportunity that came my way, or any opportunity within the company…I was never told no,” reflects Krissy on her employment with WFD. “I was always brought new opportunities based on what I had achieved…they would never leave me out because I was a woman, or new, or anything like that.”

Embedded throughout the interview, Jeff Franson attributes the success of the company to the essential mindset of not fretting about the small stuff. “Control the things you can control, and don’t let the things you can’t control worry you or bother you, even though it might be expensive…things are going to happen that are out of your control, and if you sweat every detail, you’ll have a heart attack. Focus on blocking and tackling, and you should be able to survive.”

The anniversary interview breaks down into robust sections detailing everything from the company origins to its future. Krissy and Jeff also discuss the role of women in the industry and reveals how the company continues to support the professional development of female employees into leadership roles over the years. The interview concludes with Jeff’s advice to young entrepreneurs hoping to achieve similar success.

Read the full blog post featuring the special 30th anniversary interview on the company’s website.

About Window Film Depot

Window Film Depot [WFD], a nationally recognized installer for 3M window film, delivers and provides custom product solutions and glass security. Known for their high-performance films and related security glazing products associated to commercial and residential window tinting, WFD offers a wide variety of products, installation skills and experience to handle any job – on time and within budget.

For additional information, please visit

window film depot anniversary interview

Celebrating 30 Years of Window Film Depot With Krissy Mosby and Jeff Franson

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window film depot anniversary interview

After decades of commitment to the window film industry, Window Film Depot is excited to announce that it is turning 30! To celebrate this business milestone and Window Film Day, we sat down with Jeff Franson, FutureVu President, and Krissy Mosby, Window Film Depot President, to reflect on their journeys within the company, their entrepreneurship, and the window film industry over the years.

From Modest Beginnings: The Start of Window Film Depot

Raised by a family of successful entrepreneurs, Jeff Franson always thought he’d run his own business. Yet jump-starting a career in window film was never a part of the original agenda.

While at college, Jeff was studying on a pre-law track; after he learned what attorneys actually did every day at work, however, he quickly came to the conclusion that law was not a field he was excited to work in. From there, Jeff shifted gears.

Following in his family’s footsteps, Jeff determined that the life of an entrepreneur offered excitement, freedom, and innovation. While some would have shied away from the risk of building a new business from the ground up, Jeff embraced the opportunity to capitalize on product gaps in the market. Once he decided that he wanted to build an impactful and successful brand, he drew from previous experiences while exploring potential business ideas.

“I was always comfortable working on homes and buildings,” Jeff explains. “An opportunity presented itself in Atlanta, and I took it. I started to work with my brother on a home services business.”

Jeff Franson and Window Film Depot's Modest Beginnings

Eventually, Jeff and his brother discovered an opening in the market for window film.

“Ultimately, we ran across a really cool product: window film;…people loved it, and they didn’t know where to buy it. So, we kinda ran across it by mistake, and recognized it as a nice long-term business opportunity that we pursued.” With this, the first evolution of Window Film Depot was born.

Initial Growth and Expansion

Window Film Depot found immediate success. Jeff’s hunch that there was a market for window film was proven to be correct, and he discovered his opening at the perfect time.

“We went into Atlanta, which was an extremely strong market for what we do,” Jeff describes, “especially in the 90s and early 2000s, the home market being as explosive as it was. Every day we’d have successes in the field…we’d go out to neighborhoods, knock on doors, and get business.”

As sales rose, so did the need to hire a larger team. Jeff marks Window Film Depot’s early ability to recruit talented and driven individuals as one of the brand’s first major wins, serving as an indication that the company was on the right track.

window film depot anniversary press release group photo

One such talented hire? Krissy Mosby, who joined Window Film Depot as an intern in 2005. Similar to Jeff, Krissy wasn’t originally on a path to window film; she thought she would work in medicine, and had been completing her prerequisites for medical school before taking an opportunity with WFD.

“I started working answering phones, stuffing envelopes, doing mailers, stuff like that,” says Krissy. As she continued through school, her responsibilities increased. “(By the time) I graduated, I was doing sales, and even managing one of the small accounts we had. Jeff offered me a full-time position right out of college. Starting to work instead of going right back into school sounded a lot better at the time!”

Thus began a period of foundational growth for the company; with valued team members and an established local market, it was time to expand even further.

Adapting to a Changing Market

Boosted by a young, determined team and modern capabilities, Window Film Depot rapidly transformed with the times, leveraging new innovations in technology to outpace its competitors.

“We were young in an older man’s business, quite frankly,” explains Jeff. “The internet, early on, was the biggest accelerator of our growth. We employed tools more rapidly than our counterparts…we got out front very quickly, with local landing pages in 40-50 markets around the country.”

Jeff Franson Founder and President of Window Film Depot

Ebbs and flows in markets also drastically changed Window Film Depot’s business model, inadvertently breeding expansion. While largely a local company up until 2007, the housing crash forced Window Film Depot to shift from residential to commercial business. Krissy experienced this shift firsthand.

“Back when I joined, our company was very local here in Atlanta…we were over 95% residential. We started to see a need for a national presence; people had multiple locations, and wanted us to take care of all of them.”

“Around 2008, is really when our business changed. Fast forward, and now we’re over 90% commercial. We’re one of the largest 3M dealers in the country, servicing national accounts.”

This tremendous growth led Window Film Depot to be recognized as the #1 3M Window Film Dealer in the US for multiple years. Even Jeff didn’t foresee this type of growth; according to him, he expected that their team was capable of achieving it, but gaining the title was never a goal. Instead, earning that recognition was a byproduct of Window Film Depot’s commitment to their customers.

It was also around this time that Krissy gained a more major role within Window Film Depot, planting the seeds for the company’s leadership in the future.

“Jeff, who was the President at the time, stayed behind after work one day and asked me if I wanted to become one of the owners of Window Film Depot,” Krissy recalls. “It showed I was valued, and that he wanted me to be a part of the company permanently.”

Impact Security, FutureVu, and the Future of Window Film Depot

As business continued to expand, Window Film Depot began to run into client needs they couldn’t yet handle. With a team full of entrepreneurs, Window Film Depot saw these needs as opportunities to innovate, resulting in the creation of Window Film Depot’s sister brands.

Take, for example, Impact Security, LLC. Window Film Depot customers began experiencing severe smash & grab attacks on their stores; traditional window film wasn’t cutting it. After combing for solutions, Jeff recognized another gap in the market.

“We didn’t see what we thought we needed, partnered with engineers, and invented retrofit security shields,” he explains. From there, Impact Security branched off and became a separate entity from Window Film Depot.

After founding several more successful brands, Jeff created FutureVu to be a single, holistic parent company. While brands such as Window Film Depot would still operate on their own, FutureVu would oversee all company operations, searching for other brands to add to the family.

Today, the FutureVu umbrella encapsulates a number of diverse brands, including Window Film Depot, Impact Security, CoolVu, and LongVu Wholesale Company. Although Window Film Depot was once a group of up-and-comers, Jeff explains, they are now industry leaders, a successful model that others seek to replicate.

“8-10 years ago we went from the young guns who were pushing too hard in a lot of people’s minds, to ‘Wow, these guys have done something special and they’re willing to share.’ No longer am I a young gun, but I’m right in the middle as a forty-something-year-old…I’m considered one of the older guys!”

Window Film Depot: A Pioneer of Female Leadership in Window Film

While Jeff leads FutureVu, Krissy has taken the helm as president of Window Film Depot.

She’s grateful for concentrated internal efforts to support her growth as a professional, especially in such a male-dominated industry.

“(Window Film Depot) never limited any opportunity that came my way, or any opportunity within the company…I was never told no,” explains Krissy. “I was always brought new opportunities based on what I had achieved…they would never leave me out because I was a woman, or new, or anything like that.”

From the company’s start, Window Film Depot has relied on contributions from dedicated women. During early pushes for sales, Jeff’s wife, Hanna, was instrumental in getting the ball rolling.

“My wife, we’ve been together for over 25 years…she and her girlfriends would rollerblade around neighborhoods with flyers,” recalls Jeff. “It wasn’t just me out there, it was a team.”

Even with such a supportive work environment, breaking into the construction industry (or any male-dominated field) isn’t easy for female professionals. Krissy gave specific advice for women looking to succeed like she has.

“Don’t let yourself be intimidated by being the only woman in the room. If at first, it seems like you’re getting pushed back for being a woman, stand strong in your opinions. Be knowledgeable, and you’ll gain the respect of anyone in a conversation.”

Today, Krissy hopes to lead the charge on growing Window Film Depot even further and maintain the positive work culture that kept her on board for so long in the first place.

“There’s always room for growth and improvement in every aspect of the business…continuing to maintain our company values, and striving to make the office a fun and safe work environment. I’ve been with the business for over 15 years…so many of our employees are 5+, 8+ employees of WFD.”

Closing Advice From Jeff to Young Entrepreneurs

To bring things to a close, we asked Jeff to offer words of wisdom to other young entrepreneurs looking to run a business of their own as successful as Window Film Depot. According to Jeff, it’s essential not to fret the small stuff.

“Control the things you can control, and don’t let the things you can’t control worry you or bother you, even though it might be expensive…things are going to happen that are out of your control, and if you sweat every detail you’ll have a heart attack. Focus on blocking and tackling, and you should be able to survive.”

As the past 30 years has proven, Jeff has taken his own advice in stride, exemplifying outstanding leadership with strong leaders such as Jeff and Krissy at the helm, working in tandem to support innovation and drive success in the company. We look forward to another 30 prosperous years of Window Film Depot!

window film day state of georgia

Governor of Georgia Proclaims Window Film Day of Georgia

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window film day state of georgiaIn accordance with National Window Film Day established in 2021, Governor Brian Kemp has joined other state government leaders in proclaiming April 30th Window Film Day of Georgia. This proclamation recognizes that nearly 80 percent of all window film in the world is manufactured in the US, and offers numerous and significant economic and environmental benefits.

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Krissy Mosby Named President of Window Film Depot

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Window Film Depot (WFD), a leading window film installation contractor, today announced the promotion of Krissy Mosby to President. She succeeds Jeff Franson, who founded the business along with family members, Chris Sullivan and Stephen Franson, in the early ’90s.

“I am excited to take on this role and to lead WFD into this next stage of our business,” said Mosby. “I will focus on growth, driven by our already exceptional customer service and by leveraging the latest technologies and products in our industry. Doing so, while maintaining the values of our family business, will be my key focus.”

Since 2000, Window Film Depot has been the largest volume 3M dealer of solar and security window films in the US. Mosby, who started working with the business as a summer intern while studying at the University of Georgia, has been a big part of the company’s growth over the last ten plus years, serving most recently as National Accounts Director.

According to Franson, “Window Film Depot had been a predominantly local business; however, we recognized a need for national accounts to be serviced differently. Early on, and as expected, we met a lot of resistance as we grew geographically into markets across the US. We were early adopters of heavy investments in Google PPC while building out multiple city landing webpages to drive leads. Our strategy was to go after multi-site commercial work aggressively, deliver superior project management and install quality, while using trusted materials. With the support of our main supplier 3M, it proved a winning strategy for our family business.”

Mosby had much to do with the past successes of the business and played a key role in implementing this new strategy.

“We couldn’t be happier or better positioned for the next stage of growth for the brand,” concluded Franson. “Krissy has been ‘under the hood’ and out front in our business for over a decade. She has been responsible for many successes along the way. A smart and tenacious business developer and operator, Krissy will lead the business forward in exciting ways.”

About Window Film Depot

Headquartered in Marietta, GA, WFD has completed over 50,000 projects, providing architectural film solutions for customers, ranging from the Vatican and the executive branch of the US government to numerous national retailers in all 50 states.

Window Film Depot pioneered the national service model now prevalent across the industry, proving a historically local business model could translate nationally with the right mix of technology, people talent, and investment.

As 3M’s first ‘million-dollar dealer’ and three-time 3M “National Dealer of the Year Award” recipient, the company has been named Window Film Magazine’s ‘Top Window Film Dealer’ on numerous occasions.

Window Film Depot’s CEO Jeff Franson Featured in Window Film Magazine

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In the May/June 2019 edition of Window Film Magazine, president and CEO of Window Film Depot, Jeff Franson, was featured in the piece Selling Security Film…And Following up with an Expert Install. 

In the article, Franson underscores an “elevated responsibility” for industry professionals to not only deliver on the security film needs of schools and educational institutions, but also to manage the expectations of anxious parents and administrators. He outlines three main phases necessary for a successful security film project. 

Addressing the “Big Three”

Unlike other types of window film, selling and installing security film comes with an added layer of complexity. Prospective customers often need to be informed of the solutions in best alignment with the type of defense they’re seeking to optimally safeguard a building’s occupants. This conversation reflects the first phase of Franson’s big three: Presentation, site assessment, and installation services.

The following is an excerpt taken from Jeff Franson’s article published in Window Film Magazine.

When presenting security window films, it’s critical that dealers clearly state what security films will and will not do. Within the industry, we all know window films (and advanced glazing) are not “bulletproof.” Nothing is. Unfortunately, prospects have other ideas based on video of dubious origin across the Internet. The best way to avoid this pitfall is to make sure to ask the customer what their threat level is – what they are trying to defend against? You also need to know what their budget is.

If they’re looking to ‘stop’ bullets, it’s time for you to refer to a ballistic glazing expert or invest in becoming one yourself. If the customer’s goal is ‘delay,’ then security window films are an effective and affordable part of any layered defense plan for buildings. If delay is the goal, then you’re the right person for the job. Still, don’t forget The Golden Rule for selling security window film performance – under promise – because creating a false sense of security could be deadly.

Once security window film has been identified as the proper solution intended to “delay” an attacker from entering a space, it’s time to confirm that the existing glass and glazing systems are suitable for anchored film protection. If you care about your customer, you should advise them against installing security film for active shooter mitigation without the proper anchor to the frame. Without suitable frames, it’s your responsibility to refer the customer to a solution better suited for existing conditions. If you’re using a caulk anchor, make sure to perform an adhesion compatibility test to ensure the caulk with bond properly to the applied film and existing glazing frames. 

Once your assessment has confirmed the suitability of the anchored film solution, it’s time to go to work. Job number one on any security film project is to make sure your project manager confirms application and aesthetic standards with the customer representative responsible for sign-off. Too many projects go sideways when a customer’s expectations are not met – and that’s your fault – not theirs’. Utilize the third-party IWFA-provided worksheet for installation quality and curing standards. Provide a ‘mock-up’ of a completed window with anchor so everyone is on the same page concerning what the ‘finished product’ looks like. Once agreement is made, make sure the entire installation meets or exceeds the approved mock-up. 

An Expert Install

To follow a high level overview of the process to install anchored security window film to meet written standards and (hopefully) some helpful hints to ensure a smooth project for you, your customers, and installers. visit the article to see this installation process or contact Window Film Depot for more information.

Window Film Depot Recognized by 3M for Excellence

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Window Film Depot Wins 3M ‘Dealer of the Year Award’ for 3rd Time

San Diego, Ca.  03-27-2011

3M Company has named Window Film Depot, a “Dealer of the Year” (SE) for the third time at its recent Renewable Energy National Conference in San Diego. Specializing in energy window films installation for buildings and retail storefronts, Window Film Depot President Jeff Franson was presented the award along with his father, Steve Franson, Vice President of Sales, at the annual business conference.

We’re very excited to win this award from 3M. Our family owned and operated Company works very hard to deliver exceptional service and value for our customers. It’s nice to be recognized for the hard work our employees and partners put in each day. The fact that we are also part of the conservation answer for society makes the award all that more important to us.

3M’s Renewable Energy business is the fastest growing global division for the $27 billion dollar Company. Innovators of popular products like Post-it-Notes and Scotch tape, 3M’s window film conservation products provide next generation answers to today’s energy challenges.

Window Film Depot is one of 3M’s 300 professional dealers across the US and was awarded the prestigious award based on sales volume customer approval rankings and overall business performance.

To contact Window Film Depot for your project needs, please call 877-236-3456 or e-mail