Personal Protective Shields

DefenseLite™ Personal Protective Shields

Architectural SMART COVID Protective Barriers

In a rush to re-open amidst COVID-19, temporary barrier solutions like plastic and plexiglass “sneeze guards” may have done an “OK” job in preventing transmission and providing peace of mind. But now it’s time for more durable, protective, and attractive wellness fixture solutions. Introducing Personal Protective Shields, an architectural series of protective barriers from DefenseLite.

Personal Protective Shields (PPS) from DefenseLite are architectural-grade protective shield barriers engineered for interior environments requiring protection from the spread of germs and disease. Unlike conventional plexiglass shields for countertops, desks, and kiosks, DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields are SMART COVID Barriers that uniquely functional by incorporating cloaking, projection, and switchable technology options.

Personal Protective Shields Barrier PartitionsAdvanced Interior Protective Shields for Safer Businesses, Offices, and Schools

Designed with ¼” abrasion-resistant polycarbonate clear-shield, DefenseLite Personal Protective Shields provide resilient scratch resistance and long-term durability. Compared to unsightly protective shields, these barriers are equipped with finished metal framing for professional fixture look and feel. They can be installed using mechanical and adhesive mounting systems for permanent or semi-permanent applications, and they’re safe and easy to clean.

Either as a new permanent or semi-permanent fixture for retail, office, healthcare, and school facilities, DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields are designed with health and safety as the priority, but not at the expense of quality interior design, durability, or functionality. What makes Personal Protective Shields unique is an innovative, holistic design and fabrication approach. DefenseLite’s fixtures work for you while protecting from the spread of germs and disease. 

In addition to providing a COVID protective barrier, Personal Protective Shields can also be installed with the following features:

  • Cloaking – Provides privacy by blocking, or “cloaking,” computer screens 
  • Projection – Provides a clear projectable surface for presentations 
  • Switchable – Provides on-demand privacy by transitioning from clear to opaque

By combining our expertise in thin-film technology with proprietary lamination processes, DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields can effectively reduce the spread of germs and disease while improving performance and aesthetics.

In today’s world, fixtures may require different specifications moving forward, but not at the expense of quality interior design. Continue to specify and build with intent and purpose. Include the functionality that only DefenseLite’s Personal Protective Shields brings to our new reality. 

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DefenseLite Personal Protective Shields come in many different types. View PDFs for individual COVID Barrier products below:

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