DefenseLite™ Safety Glazing Solution

DefenseLite is one of the most advanced retrofit safety glazing solutions. But unlike shatter-resistant and security window film, DefenseLite transforms exposed glass into forced entry resistant windows that are 250 times stronger than glass alone.

Engineered using unbreakable polycarbonates, DefenseLite is not actually a window film treatment at all. DefenseLite is a clear security shield that can be installed over existing window and door glass, thereby creating a impenetrable layer of protection. At Window Film Depot, we’ve exhaustively tested DefenseLite with many different blunt force objects, ranging from batons, hammers, and hatchets. The one thing that remained consistent throughout these tests is that DefenseLite allowed no breach.

While most security window films can delay entry for 30-45 seconds, DefenseLite is designed to stop vandalism threats, smash and grab threats, and forced entry attempts dead in their tracks. For retailers and storefronts, DefenseLite can protect your inventory against criminal threats. For schools, educational institutions, and government facilities, DefenseLite can stop and deter intruders, protecting the people inside from harm.

DefenseLite is also almost entirely invisible to the eye once installed, making it a transparent solution for retrofit door and window protection. Not only does DefenseLite outperform laminated glass and security window film treatments, but it’s also more affordable than unsightly grills and conventional glass protection measures.

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Anatomy of the DefenseLite™ System

  1. Proprietary DefenseLite extrusion attaches to the existing frame and separates clear shield from primary glass
  2. ‘Unbreakable’ clear shield is affixed to the DefenseLite extrusion
  3. DefenseLite ‘Super Bond’ secures the systems to the existing glazing
  4. Customized edge banding and powder coating makes system virtually invisible upon installation

Notes: Each DefenseLite system is custom fabricated based on existing glazing conditions and installed by certified installers. 
Systems may utilize exotic plastics, polycarbonates and glass-clad shields depending on threat conditions and budgets.
All-weather adhesives, high-performance films, mechanical anchors and other materials may be used.
DefenseLite installs on the exterior or interior of existing windows and doors.
DefenseLite systems have been independently tested to meet forced entry and UL752 ballistic standards.