Self-Cleaning Surfaces Film

NanoTouch Materials, the developer behind NanoSeptic®, delivers innovative technology for continuously self-cleaning surfaces in high-traffic and high-contact environments. With NanoSeptic, facilities like airports, hotels, schools, and hospitals can create a cleaner environment that provides a noticeable feeling of safety and security for guests and employees.

In the development of NanoSeptic, NanoTouch Materials tested a mineral nano-crystal that’s powered by visible light to create an oxidation reaction that’s stronger than bleach. Safe to the touch, NanoSeptic’s Facility Touchpoints are simple products designed as “skins” that wrap and cover dirty, high-traffic areas, like door handles and airport TSA bins. When applied, these skins provide continuous self-cleaning surfaces that help prevent the spread of bacteria.

The Science & Consumer Sentiment Behind NanoSeptic® Technology

In 2016, Akron Canton Airport worked with NanoTouch Materials with an interest in using its self-cleaning surfaces nanotechnology. TSA security bins were identified as a problem area because travelers were asked to place personal items like glasses, wallets, and phones in the same bins where dirty shoes had once rested. 

Because increased cleanliness supported community health initiatives, Western Reserve Hospital sponsored the cost of NanoSeptic mats and skins for the project. Over the course of a year, research was conducted to test the durability and effectiveness of the nanotechnology to provide self-cleaning action without interfering with security screening equipment. 

1,200 respondents were surveyed, along with 152 in-person surveys conducted and an additional 35 more lengthy interviews. NanoSeptic’s research revealed that:

  • 88% of travelers said that their perception of an airline was positively influenced by the use of NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces.
  • 64% of respondents indicated they would select a business (airport, airline, hotel, cruise) which uses NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces over one that does not. Because the surfaces were visible and communicated what they did, travelers felt safer and more secure with their travel environment. 
  • 52% of travelers expressed an interest in purchasing a portable self-cleaning surface to use in their travels after seeing the surfaces in TSA security. This presents a revenue opportunity for many businesses in the travel and hospitality industry to offer a new, in-demand travel product that supports health and hygiene.

Where Self-Cleaning Surfaces are Applied

NanoTouch Materials offers important product solutions during times when cleanliness is vital. Some of the most impactful applications of products like NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces include:

  • Hospitality, Restaurants, & Food Service – From hotels to restaurants to catering, NanoSeptic mats ensure cleaner surfaces to rest personal items and food. 
  • Airports, Bus Stations, & Travel – During times when commuters and travelers are at heightened concern about cleanliness, these surfaces provide a feeling of safety and security in high-traffic areas.
  • Retail & Shopping – Stores are subject to constant touch-and-go exposure from patrons. Self-cleaning surfaces help retailers prevent the spread of germs by keeping areas like changing rooms, checkout counters, and shopping carts clean.
  • Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities – When it comes to healthcare facilities and hospitals, “clean” takes on new entirely meaning. Patients can clearly see an added layer of clean that only visible self-cleaning surfaces provide. For doctors and dentists, this can significantly improve patient experience.
  • Schools & Education Institutions – Today’s teachers, parents, and students are under highly vulnerable to contact and transmission. NanoSeptic Surfaces offer an effective solution for schools, educational facilities, department heads who are working to provide a visibly clean facility. 
  • Facility Services – Facility Management Firms, Building Service Contractors (BSC), Commercial Cleaning Companies, and In-house Environmental Service Departments can develop a new revenue stream with NanoTouch Materials and products like NanoSeptic.

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