Antimicrobial Film

Antimicrobial Film

In an era when staying safe and staying healthy is a top priority, your business needs to take active measures to lower exposure to bacteria. Our antimicrobial film finishes provide a seamless solution to protect surfaces against bacteria transfer and hygiene concerns, creating antimicrobial glass. Perfect for hospitals and healthcare facilities, retail environments, food service and prep areas, and virtually all public spaces subject to direct contact, our antimicrobial film provides a universally-applicable option to prevent the spread of infections.

Our antimicrobial film is specially-engineered to provide optimal, lasting performance for a wide range of applications. From door handles and entryways to high-humidity rooms and high-contact surfaces, our antimicrobial film prevents the proliferation of germs by establishing a nearly transparent, easy-to-apply, antimicrobial layer for long-lasting, durable protection.

How Our Antimicrobial Film Works

Our antimicrobial film technology is rooted in the antimicrobial efficiency of silver ions. Silver has proven antimicrobial properties — minimizing the negative effects of microbes by inhibiting their growth on the protective film’s surface. When silver ions come in contact with bacteria, their metabolic proliferation mechanism is interrupted, ultimately destroying the bacteria entirely — damaging essential proteins, disrupting the microbe membrane, and altering structural integrity. Offering continuous microbial protection, BioCote® reduces microbes by up to 99.99%.

The accumulation of bacteria over time creates what’s called a biofilm. A biofilm is a complex microbial community consisting of bacteria and fungal species that can form over various types of surfaces in just a matter of hours. Even with everyday sanitization protocols in place, biofilm can grow in half a day’s time, thereby spreading germs and microorganisms that present serious hygiene problems. 

Using BioCote® technology, our antimicrobial film harnesses a top layer of proprietary silver-infused antimicrobial scratch-resistant surface coating, securing years of durability and protection. Antimicrobial 4PLUS provide 3 additional layers, quickly refreshing surfaces while maintaining high optical clarity and antimicrobial properties. These are followed by an additional, single layer of antimicrobial 4 mil high-tensile strength PET film with high optical clarity and light transmission. Finally, our antimicrobial film is secured using a removable pressure-sensitive (PS) adhesive allowing for easy film installation, removal and replacement.

The Evolution of Antimicrobial Adhesive Films for Glass

Our antimicrobial film is a virtually invisible, removable adhesive film that contains powerful antimicrobial agents that are active even at very low concentrations. With a scratch-resistant surface coating and built-in UV inhibitors, our antimicrobial film offers durable, long-lasting protection.

Antimicrobial adhesive films are multi-substrate and are easily applied directly on the surface or used in layers. Once in place, bacteria are killed on contact, and the spread of harmful odor- and stain-causing microbes is prevented. Our antimicrobial film is also designed to withstand chemicals, including water, mild acids, disinfectants, salts, oils, solvents, and petroleum-based grease.

Interested in learning more? Let Window Film Depot help you source and install our antimicrobial film for antimicrobial glass, ensuring maintenance and optimal sanitary conditions in your environment. Contact us to get started. 

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