Frosted Window Film Solutions

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Frosted and decorative window films are a cost effective way to create privacy, branding and ambiance without breaking the budget.  These films are an economical privacy solution to your office glass partitions, walls and doors.

A 3M Milano custom pattern was installed on this conference room, keeping a clean, fresh look to this office while enhancing the desired privacy.

Window Film Depot offers over 60 designs from 3M Fasara Glass Finishes. These finishes create surfaces with the look of etched, treated or textured glass, without the inflated cost.

Reports from JLL and other agencies have shown that office retail space may continue to rise until 2018:  Average Office Rents Might Keep Rising Until 2018

With this information, utilizing the space you are either renting, or own makes a lot of sense. The client here chose to install White Matte, creating desired privacy for the individual corners and spaces, at a fraction of the cost of permanent frosted glass.

Showcase your corporate identity or logo by incorporating it into your frost or decorative film.  This company uses both a color and a frosted logo identifying their name on several doorways for their office.  While actual glass etching is more permanent, window film allows for a change or update to your logo with relative ease by replacing the film.

Another way to decorate your office without breaking the bank is with decorative patterns as illustrated with this Window Film Depot install.

Let us assist you in finding your frosted, decorative film solutions today. Call Window Film Depot at 866-933-3456.

Graffiti Shield

Graffiti Shield: Affordable protection against vandalis..

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Graffiti Shield

Window Film Depot is pleased to introduce our new product line of anti- graffiti films, Graffiti Shield. Any surface that can be scratched or etched would benefit with these films including glass, metal surfaces, mirrors, and buildings.

Graffiti Shield is beneficial for:

    • Educational Facilities
    • Retail Stores
    • Restaurants
    • Airports
    • Mass Transit Systems (trains, buses, etc.)
    • High Rise Commercial
    • Residential Buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Government Facilities
    • Arenas
    • Malls, and much more

Surface protection with Graffiti Shield to protect against graffiti tagging and damage, aging and corrosion, normal wear and tear, discoloration or to update the aesthetic appearance without breaking the bank. Glass Shield, Metal Shield, Mirror Shield and Custom Shield are engineered to protect these prospective surfaces effectively and economically.

Glass Shield takes the standard anti-graffiti window film a step further. In addition to protecting the glass from scratches, etching, spray paint, this film protects from acid etching, which is even more damaging to glass surfaces. The exterior coating of the film is specially coated to be acid resistant, allowing the acid to bead up to wiped off easily, without damage to the glass.

We’ve all seen graffiti etching on elevators or bathroom stalls and how it can make the office building or establishment appear run down and un-kept. At a fraction of the cost to replace an elevator or any metal surface, Metal Shield can be applied quickly and easily protecting the surface beneath it from further damage. The film layer gives the surface a new, clean appearance covering any existing damage. The film replicates the appearance of the original surface and with the proprietary adhesive, the film is not easily removed or detected by the general public.

Graffiti Shield - Elevator - Before
Graffiti Shield - Elevator - After

What about the bathroom mirrors that have been vandalized, leaving the bathroom appearing unsavory? Mirror Shield is a thick opaque mirror film that virtually disappears on the existing mirror, covering vandalism and corrosion. This anti-graffiti film is also acid resistant, durable, long lasting and cost effective in comparison to replacing the mirror.

Graffiti Shield - Mirror - Before

Graffiti Shield also offers Custom Shield which is designed specific to your needs including metal clad buildings, powder coated surfaces, window frames, train and bus interiors and the list goes on. Additionally, custom printing can be added to any of the Graffiti Shield films to display a message, logo or theme.

To learn more contact Window Film Depot at 866-933-3456 to speak with one of our sales professionals. -email:

Energy Savings with Sun Control Window Film

Energy Savings with Sun Control Window Film

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Energy Savings with Sun Control Window Film

Are you looking to save money on your energy bills and enhance comfort in your retail store while maintaining the exterior integrity of your store front? Window films can offer you an affordable solution.

The 3M Sun Control Window Film Prestige Series is designed to accomplish all of this and more.

Floyd's Barbershop
Prestige 70 installed on this retail storefront, allowing visibility in, UV rays out.

How Does it Work?

3M Prestige allows for the natural light to come in and offer high visible light transmission while the infrared rejection (up to 97%) provides significant savings and enhanced comfort. Up to 60% of the heat is rejected adding up to lower utility bills and higher energy savings. This also creates a more comfortable environment in temperature and significantly reduces glare on your computer screen. Additionally, UV reduction assists in the protection of your merchandise and furnishings from fading.

Which Film is Right for My Business?

When comparing similar shades of film, you want to look at the number you see associated with the name, such as the 3M Prestige series which is available in 20, 40, 50, 60 or 70. The smaller the number, the darker the film will be. Therefore, the PR70 is the clearest in the Prestige series and will allow up to 69% of visible light to be transmitted while rejecting the UV rays.

PR50 on Chipotle Doors
PR50 installed to allow the light in but the heat out!

The Prestige Series window films do not contain metal, meaning the film will not corrode over time. Additionally, this will help prevent interference with wireless and cellular signals that we all use on a daily basis.

Window film is not a one-size fits all and our knowledgeable sales professionals are ready to assist you in making the right choice for you.

*****Booking appointments now for summer 2017 installations!*****
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Defense Lite Brochure

Security at Your School with DefenseLite

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Defense Lite Brochure

DefenseLite offers window protection and security for your schools, for your children. DefenseLite provides premium glass protection with advance polycarbonate mounted systems for optimal “clear” forced entry protection.  The polycarbonate panels are custom fit and bonded to existing glazing systems to prevent entry into space.

Why choose DefenseLite?

  • 250 x stronger than glass alone
    • Designed to STOP entry into a space
  • Reduces street noise
    • Improves interior environment / sound quality
  • Insulates existing glazing
    • Significant energy savings value
  • Silicon sealed
    • Eliminates moisture & fogging
  • UV protected and scratch resistant
    • 7 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • Anti – graffiti  / SR coating available
    • Sacrificial coating mitigates vandalism

Call us today to find out more: 888-689-5502

Window Film Depot Recognized by 3M for Excellence

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Window Film Depot Wins 3M ‘Dealer of the Year Award’ for 3rd Time

San Diego, Ca.  03-27-2011

3M Company has named Window Film Depot, a “Dealer of the Year” (SE) for the third time at its recent Renewable Energy National Conference in San Diego. Specializing in energy window films installation for buildings and retail storefronts, Window Film Depot President Jeff Franson was presented the award along with his father, Steve Franson, Vice President of Sales, at the annual business conference.

We’re very excited to win this award from 3M. Our family owned and operated Company works very hard to deliver exceptional service and value for our customers. It’s nice to be recognized for the hard work our employees and partners put in each day. The fact that we are also part of the conservation answer for society makes the award all that more important to us.

3M’s Renewable Energy business is the fastest growing global division for the $27 billion dollar Company. Innovators of popular products like Post-it-Notes and Scotch tape, 3M’s window film conservation products provide next generation answers to today’s energy challenges.

Window Film Depot is one of 3M’s 300 professional dealers across the US and was awarded the prestigious award based on sales volume customer approval rankings and overall business performance.

To contact Window Film Depot for your project needs, please call 877-236-3456 or e-mail

WFD Christmas Party

Window Film Depot Receives Top Award from 3M

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WFD Christmas Party

At a recent dealer meeting hosted by Energy Products Distribution in Baltimore, Window Film Depot was named 3M’s “National Dealer of the Year” for 2016. This is the third time in ten years the family owned company has received 3M’s highest award for sales and overall business performance.

Window Film Depot sells and installs innovative products from 3M’s Commercial Solutions Division across the United States. The company specializes in the sales and professional installation of solar window films designed to lower energy consumption and security window films intended to make glass safer in buildings. Over 3,500 unique properties have benefited from the company’s products and services over the past twelve months.

3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, its innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world. 3M has made buildings safer and more energy efficient and made consumer electronics lighter, less energy-intensive and less harmful to the environment.

WFD 3M Certified Dealer

3M is one of the most trusted brands in the world and is highly ranked by Fortune Magazine as one of “The World’s Most Admired Companies.” Recently, 3M overcame Google as the number one place for millennials to work at when entering the global workforce, according to the National Society of High School Scholars.

Window Film Depot is headquartered in Marietta, Ga. and has regional offices throughout the United States. For more information, please contact Jeff Franson, CEO @ 404-313-1291 or

New Product - Defense Lite

Storefront Security Glazing Solutions: Mitigate smash a..

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Window Film Depot was proud to be a part of the SHOT Show 2017, held in Las Vegas, operated by the NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation). Security tech industry leaders from around the country gathered to share, educate and learn more about the newest technology in creating security solutions.

WFD President-Jeff Franson, live interview on SHOT Show TV:

Window Film Depot highlights the value of 3M Safety & Security window film, especially for storefronts in delaying unwanted entry in an attempted “smash and grab” event. The security film can delay the perpetrator 45 seconds to a minute, allowing for response time to stop the unwanted entry from taking place. These films are designed to make stores and businesses safer and offer an affordable loss prevention solution.

New Product - Defense Lite
WFD presented DefenseLite at the New Product Center at the SHOT Show.

For those wanting added protection, DefenseLite/BulletShield takes the security initiatives to another level. DefenseLite is an advanced glazing security product designed to deny entry into your business, school, office and more with a patented and virtually invisible, polycarbonate solution.

In addition to keeping the bad guys out, BulletShield is designed to keep bullets out as well. BulletShield is a UL rated retrofit ballistic shield and designed to protect from natural and man-made disasters, including blast and bomb projectiles, blunt force objects (baseball bats, hammers, bricks), hand guns and other forced entry attempts.

DefenseLite/BulletShield designed for protection against:


Call us today at 866-933-3456 to find out how we can help you KEEP THE BAD GUYS OUT! -email:

DefenseLite – Bulletshield

DefenseLite – Bulletshield – Window Protection and ..

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DefenseLite – Bulletshield

DefenseLite – Bulletshield

  • bullet resistant barriers
  • ballistic protection

The Window Film Depot team recently demonstrated to a group of Tri-State security professionals the benefits of choosing DefenseLite and BulletShield to protect their buildings from unwanted entry.index.php

The following video link demonstrates ballistic testing with 9mm, 357 Magnum and 44 Magnum:

DefenseLite is an advanced glazing security product designed to deny entry into your business, school, office and more with a patented and virtually invisible, polycarbonate solution.

In addition to keeping the bad guys out, BulletShield is designed to keep bullets out as well. BulletShield is a UL rated retrofit ballistic shield and designed to protect from natural and man-made disasters, including blast and bomb projectiles, blunt force objects (baseball bats, hammers, bricks), hand guns and other forced entry attempts.

BulletShield is manufactured in a Level 1 & 2 system. Level 1 bonds our 3/4″ ballistic shield to the outside of the existing glass using our DefenseLite SuperBond and an HD framing system. This will stop hand-gun rounds as well as forced-entry attempts. Our Level 2 system adds a second 3/4″ ballistic shield to the inside of the existing glass using the same technique. This version provides 1.5 inches of ballistic protection, which in testing contains rounds typically delivered by high-powered rifles, and it keeps the evil-doers out. BulletShield is the world’s least expensive of all tested ballistic security systems.

A common question we encounter, is BulletShield bullet proof? We prefer the term Bullet Resistant. BulletShield is a window and security film alternative turning your windows and glass into ballistic glass shields and providing top notch building security.

DefenseLite/BulletShield designed for protection against:

DefenseLite BulletShield Bullet-Resistant Window Film, Advanced Retrofit Glazing

Call us today at 866-933-3456 to find out how we can help you KEEP THE BAD GUYS OUT! -email: