Texas School Safety

Meeting TEA School Safety Requirements with Window Film

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has proposed new safety standards for schools— one of which mandates glass windows and doors be reinforced with entry-resistance security window film. Window Film Depot has teams deployed now to help Texas school administrators meet this new time-sensitive standard.

Security window film is designed to help reduce threats by creating time for first responders to react to events and respond effectively with corrective measures.

Window Film Depot is the #1 security window film dealer in the US and has successfully installed these affordable glass security products on thousands of school windows and doors.

To assist school administrators, Window Film Depot provides 30-minute online presentations to review qualified products and current grant information while helping Local Education Agencies (LEAs), including school districts and charter schools; education service centers (ESCs); institutions of higher education (IHEs); and nonprofit organizations (NPOs) understand their unique threat levels, security product options and funding avenues.

Window Film Depot offers:

  • Free on-site glass security assessments
  • Online Zoom presentations for grant writing preparation
  • Professional installation services throughout Texas

Texas school systems are pre-qualified for onsite assessments, allowing our experts to get hands-on with your facility and security personal to answer questions. The first deadline to apply for a security grant is February 17th. Don’t delay - book a free consultation with Window Film Depot today.

Texas School Safety Grants

In response to recent shootings, the Texas Education Agency has implemented new state-wide school safety standards, including a mandate to reinforce vulnerable areas with denial window film. To support these mandates, TEA has allocated $400 million dollars in grants for school districts to “assist school districts in replacing or upgrading doors, windows, fencing, communications, and other safety measures.” 

Window FIlm Depot is here to help, through every step of the process. With a local office in Dallas, Texas, Window Film Depot understands the unique needs of Texas schools. We are the largest window film company in the nation for 3M safety resistance film — with additional solutions such as DefenseLite®, and BulletShield® also providing reliable school security. We offer service that is both trusted and swift — our safety assessments meet TEA standard requirements, and we complete over four thousand projects annually. 

For more details about active shooter window film and mitigation solutions, contact Window Film Depot online or call 1-866-933-3456.

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