Feather Friendly®

Feather Friendly® Bird Strike Window Decals

While there are a number of solutions to prevent birds from hitting windows, Feather Friendly® bird strike window decals, or sticker markers, are one of the most effective products for residential and commercial applications.

Contrary to what you might expect from Window Film Depot, Feather Friendly® is not a bird window film at all, but rather a scientifically proven pattern of distraction markers installed onto existing glass. Using a simple window marker that’s installed on the outside surface of a window, Feather Friendly® effectively minimizes the negative effects of glass surface reflection to help prevent bird strikes.

Trusted Solution to Prevent Birds from Hitting Windows

What makes Feather Friendly® a trusted solution to prevent birds from hitting windows is its dependable reputation backed up by impressive field case studies. Not only is it approved and endorsed by the American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), but Feather Friendly® window decals come with the highest performance rating both in reduced collisions and longevity.

Having been used for over 10 years on various DIY, residential, and commercial installations, Feather Friendly® works in all types of environments and climates with no failures or reduced performance. Feather Friendly® provides the best in bird window strike prevention while delivering clear visibility for humans looking through windows.

Fabricated from 3M, Feather Friendly® products are some of the best window decals to prevent bird strikes, and are backed by the durability and performance assurances from 3M. Commercial installations have lasted over 10 years and resulted in saving the lives of thousands of our feathered friends.

Proven Prevention for Bird Window Strikes

Feather Friendly® is a proven solution to prevent birds from hitting windows. Using simple adhesive window decals that are applied to exterior glass at specific spacing intervals, Feather Friendly® are visible to both mature and immature birds of all species. As some of the best window decals to protect birds from window collisions, Feather Friendly® provides a number of benefits:

  • Longevity – Supported by a 6-year 3M product warranty, these bird strike window decals have an expected lifespan in excess of 8 years and are not affected by routine window cleaning.
  • Affordability – Not only is Feather Friendly® easy to install and replace, but in terms of building maintenance, time and money can be saved by reducing the need to locate and dispose of birds that have struck your building’s windows.
  • Visibility – Unlike some solutions that prevent birds from hitting windows, Feather Friendly® provide in excess of 98% clear viewing, maintaining optical clarity for building occupants.
  • Appearance – Feather Friendly® window markers are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing designs that maintain the natural appearance and architectural features of a building.

Whether a window is clear, tinted, or integrated with a reflective film, the exterior surface of glass windows will reflect the sky and foliage. While bird collisions can be reduced with interior markers, they are not as effective as exterior applications like Feather Friendly® solutions.

Interested in learning more? Let Window Film Depot help you source and install products like Feather Friendly® to better prevent birds from hitting your windows. Contact us to get started.

Bird Strike Window FAQs

Can birds see glass?

Window reflections of the sky and nearby foliage can trick birds into thinking that they’re flying towards a clear flight path. When in actuality, they’re flapping towards a barely-visible pane of glass. And in the evenings, nocturnal birds are easily blindsided by lighted structures, often leading to fatal window crashes in the end.

Some birds also find it threatening to fly next to their reflections. As a result, birds crash into windows quite frequently while attacking mirrored images of themselves.

This all happens much too often in the U.S. According to this 2014 study, up to 1 billion birds die from bird crashes per year.

Many bird-friendly properties use bird strike film, which equips birds to see reflective windows more clearly, to avoid window collisions altogether. Bird strike prevention decals can also be applied to the exterior glass for this purpose, which are “anti-collision” sticker markers that are useful in deterring birds away from your windows.

Feather Friendly® effectively reduces the damaging effects of glass surface reflection. It increases bird strike prevention by making your windows more visible to incoming birds.

Can birds break windows?

This depends on several factors, including the strength of the glass and the size of the bird. Most windows are durable enough to stand firm against a bird strike.

Furthermore, bird-window crashes rarely result in shattered glass. This especially holds true with smaller birds. They’re too little to have a big-enough impact on window stability. Thus, they often fail to break through. It isn’t entirely unlikely, however. Larger birds–or large flocks–may pose a bigger threat as well.

Bird collisions can be drastically reduced with exterior glass application of window decals or bird strike-preventing window film. Feather Friendly® decals are equally visible to mature and immature birds of all species.

What are bird-safe windows?

Windows are considered “bird-friendly” when all “danger zones” are eliminated around your property. More specifically, areas that may increase the risk of collision. New builds or remodels to an older property provide the perfect excuse for implementation of this.

To identify any window-related threats to bird safety, you’ll have to do so from a birds-eye-view. Birds are most likely to crash into large-picture windows or windows with attached outside feeders.

Applying window reflective film for birds can divert their attention away from large-picture windows. Feather Friendly® bird collision film is one of the best out there, backed by the  3M™ warranty. Additionally, you’ll need to move all outside feeders away from your windows. It’s best to place outside feeders where things are more out in the open.

Window decals by Feather Friendly® are also proven to prevent bird strikes. They’re also endorsed and approved by the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP), as well as the American Bird Conservancy (ABC).

According to ABC, most birds won’t take the risk of flying through horizontal spaces less than 2” high or vertical spaces less than 4” wide. This “2×4” rule is an included best practice as part of ABC’s testing criteria guidelines. Research has also found that patterns covering up to 5% of an entire glass surface can prevent 90% of bird strikes.

Bird collisions can be drastically reduced with exterior glass application of window decals or bird strike-preventing window film. Feather Friendly® decals are equally visible to mature and immature birds of all species.

Do window decals prevent bird strikes?

Yes! Bird-friendly decals like Feather Friendly® can greatly help you avoid bird strikes. Narrowly spread-out decals are more effective in preventing bird collisions, as they are too narrow for birds to fly through. For maximum safety, decals should cover a large percentage of a window.

What can I put on my windows, so birds don't fly into them?

There’s nothing more disturbing than the “thump” you hear when a bird flies into your window. If this often happens on your property, making a few changes can reduce the reflections causing birds to hit your glass. You can start with the application of:

  • Window film that prevents bird strikes
  • Bird-protecting window decals
  • Window screens
  • External window shutters
  • ABC Bird Tape
  • Externally visible glass patterns, such as paint patterns or window streaks
  • Bug screens or netting
  • Vertical and slightly-slanted interior blinds
  • External sun shades or awnings

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