CoolVu Transitional

CoolVu Transitional Film

From commercial building exteriors, retail storefronts, and modern architectural applications, CoolVu Transitional Window Films are some of the most functional and attractive options on the market today. Unlike static window film and tinting solutions, CoolVu Transitional Window Films are recognized by their ability to adapt to the intensity of sunlight, dynamically optimizing your indoor environment.

Engineered using proprietary photochromic technology, CoolVu Window Film activates from clear to tinted when exposed to sunlight. By adapting to the amount of sunlight exposure, CoolVu provides much needed sun control only when you really need it. In turn, you can enjoy 99% blockage of UV rays and up to 80% reduction in solar-induced heat increases without compromising the sun’s natural light.

CoolVu transition window film is professionally installed onto existing glass surfaces and comes in several types. CoolVu offers adaptive, or transitional window films, which are commercial-grade sun control films that enhance the appearance of building exteriors while providing significant energy savings and glare reduction. CoolVu Photochromic Window Films provide these same advantages but without the metallic look of commercial window tints.

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