Transparent Display Screen Film

ClearBright™ Transparent Display Screen Film is a powerful innovation by Lux Labs, a world-leading pioneer in advanced optical materials using cutting edge nanophotonics and polymer fabrication methods. ClearBright™ film turns regular glass windows and walls into fully transparent display screens that only show the image of a projected light source. Conversely, ambient light from natural sunlight makes the film invisible and otherwise undetectable to the naked eye.

With Lux Labs ClearBright film, users can transform any glass surface into a transparent display screen. Unlike comparable products, ClearBright film is highly transparent at a natural glance. When cast upon with a projector, the film shows full-color and high-definition images and videos with limited haze with no tint. ClearBright creates a 360° viewing angle with constant brightness, and it can seamlessly be applied to existing windows or laminated within new windows to create a transparent display.

How ClearBright™ Transparent Display Technology Works 

The capabilities to display graphics and texts on a transparent glass window can enable many useful applications. Unlike other transparent display films, Lux Lab’s wavelength-selective material is designed to project images and video from both sides of the screen, and at all viewing angles.

How ClearBright works may sound scientific and complicated, but it’s actually very simple. A transparent display is enabled by projecting monochromatic images onto an invisible medium embedded with nanoparticles that selectively scatter light at the projected wavelength. Nanoparticles with sharp resonances can selectively scatter light of a particular wavelength while being almost transparent at other wavelengths. 

By embedding wavelength-selective nanoparticles in a film like ClearBright, and by projecting images at specific resonant wavelength, the film scatters most of the projected light while being almost transparent to the broadband ambient light. This provides a transparent display screen that only functions when you need it, otherwise keeping the view unobstructed like normal glass.

Transparent Display Screens for Purposes Beyond Commercial

Commercial applications like retail shopping centers or high-profile office buildings offer the most obvious opportunities for ClearBright. And yet, the sky’s the limit with the many creative applications that can be explored, such as:

  • Airports & Transportation – whether for wayfinding and navigation or advertising and promotion, airports and transportation terminals can benefit from using transparent display screen technology.
  • Universities, Schools, & Educational Facilities – schools can level-up campuses and department buildings, whether as communication displays in lobbies and entrance areas, or student facilities like recreational centers and dormitories.  
  • Commercial Office Buildings – whether from corporate headquarters to window-dominant high-rise office buildings, turning transparent glass into a display screen offers a powerful communication tool.
  • Retail Shopping Centers – small boutiques and retail shopping malls alike can run short-term promotions on the fly, and in an aesthetically pleasing way that keeps inventory the center of attention.

The creative applications of ClearBright Transparent Display Screen Film provide limitless potential. Let Window Film Depot help you source and install ClearBright and other transparent display technology by Lux Labs. Contact us to learn more. 

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