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Additional Service Offerings

At Window Film Depot, we offer more than professional window film installation and product support. As a testament to our customer case studies, we help businesses and building owners realize their investment over time. Through our on-site assessments, payback studies, and energy audit services, we enable our customers to see a profitable ROI, often times in just a few short years. Take for instance the massive FDA Building located in sunny Irvin, California. After installing a sun control window film designed for energy savings, this large structure was able to reduce heat coming through its windows nearly in half, lowering its interior temperature by an average of 7 degrees. With our services, building owners like the FDA Building’s are able to see the impact of their investment and reap the financial benefits over time.

Energy Audits

In addition to sales and installation, Window Film Depot also provides energy audit and free modeling services to help determine the effectiveness of certain window film products on your building.

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Payback Studies

Through countless case studies, project testimonials, and energy payback studies, Window Film Depot continues to prove that sun control and energy saving film can yield a positive ROI over time.

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Site Assessments

Not only does Window Film Depot offer almost every window film you'd ever need, but we also provide on-site assessments to help define the scope, spec, and budget required for your project.

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What Our Customers Say

It was a pleasure to meet with you and review the good work accomplished by your firm. I certainly value the quality of work and winning spirit exhibited by you and your crews. It is not very often that building tenants go out of their way to make it known to me how friendly and professional work crews were while doing their work. My compliments.

I certainly do want your card and will make sure that other PM’s on the floor are aware of the quality work you perform.

Wes Phillips, Director of Contracts, City of Houston