Residential Window Film Installation


Window Film Depot's residential security window film solutions offer a range of safety and security benefits including adding resistance against ballistics or forced entry of your home.

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Sun Control

Residential sun control films from 3M help mitigate excessive heat and sun glare in your home so you can enjoy a naturally lit environment that's glare-free, and UV-resistant without sacrificing the view.

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An installation of residential privacy window films from 3M by Window Film Depot is the perfect solution to hide the view into your home without disrupting your view to the outdoors.

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Glass Protection

Our residential glass protection window film solutions range from shatterproof films to prevent forced entry to multi surface protective films that can be used in a variety of applications.

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Energy Savings

Upgrading your home's windows and glass doors with a 3M residential window film installation from Window Film Depot can significantly reduce your home's heating and cooling expenses.

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From bedrooms to bathrooms to offices, 3M residential decorative window films can be customized to suit your privacy and design needs. Learn about the numerous decorative options we carry.

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More Info on Home Window Film

Benefits of Home Window Film

While residential window tinting is still a popular option for homes and residential properties, traditional tinting solutions fail to address some of the most important elements in maintaining a safe and comfortable living space. Quality window films are engineered to provide all the same advantages as window tint, in addition to benefits that can improve your at home health and comfort.

Whether you’re building or buying a home or purchasing an investment property, Window Film Depot can help. Keep your family, or your tenants, safe and secure and better mitigate indoor temperature swings and hot spots. Our residential window film treatments can amplify your investment in a number of ways.

Unlike residential window tinting, a high-quality home window film can offer a whole host of benefits, including:

  • Year-round savings on heating and cooling costs
  • Minimized glare during early AM and PM hours of low-lying sun
  • Protection against UV fading, discoloration, and sun damage
  • Added security against breaking and entering attempts
  • Optimal transparency with no disruption to natural sunlight
  • Creative decorative options to enhance your home’s value

While window film treatments can be combined to provide a number of these advantages, not all residential window films are created equal. Interested in learn more? Explore some of these benefits in greater detail below, or contact us online or call 1-866-933-3456 for more information.

Save on Heating and Cooling Costs

Natural light is a beautiful thing that can make any room feel uplifting. But if certain rooms are exposed to the sun for several hours each day, then they’re likely to get much warmer than your thermostat settings, or they require your HVAC system to be constantly trying to moderate. With residential window films, you can effectively minimize unwanted heat from the sun, thereby eliminating hot spots and maximizing your level of comfort. With 3M Window Film, you can prevent as much as 79% of the excess heat from accumulating in your living spaces, which helps keep your air conditioning system from needing to work overtime.

Likewise, certain window film products like 3M Low-E film provide these benefits as well as insulation capabilities during colder months. For homeowners located in seasonal areas that see both hot summers and cold winters, these types of window film solutions lead to incredible savings on utility bills.

Minimize Glare During Intense Sun Exposure

We’ve all experienced how difficult and annoying it can be to watch television or work on a computer with the bright sun beating in. Unlike conventional blinds and drapes, window film can ward-off glare while still illuminating the beautiful natural light from the sun. At Window Film Depot, we provide a number of residential window film options to minimize glare during intense sun exposure.

Protect Your Home’s Interior from UV Damage

If exposed to the sun’s damaging UV rays over time, furniture, upholstery, and even cabinetry can fade and discolor. But no one has time to cover their furnishings everyday, and sometimes blinds and drapes are unwelcome solutions because they block natural light. Further, some home window tinting treatments only block a fraction of these harmful rays. With 3M UV protection window films, such as the Prestige Series, you can block up to 99% of the sun’s UV rays and protect your home’s interior from sun damage.

Enjoy Custom Decorative Window Film Treatments

Decorative window film treatments can be customized to suit both privacy and design standards. For example, if you have windows that directly face another home or residence, there are countless options for decorative window film that can be creatively applied to enhance privacy as well as function. Bedrooms, bathrooms, and offices can be perfect applications for decorative films to prevent anyone from seeing inside your home, but with attractive, modern styles that enhance your home’s aesthetic.

Increase the Safety and Security of Your Home

Given all of the advantages associated with residential window film, some property owners overlook additional features like added safety and security. As a distinguishing benefit against residential window tinting, opting for security window film makes glass windows and doors far more difficult to penetrate. In turn, this can prevent windows from shattering from both human and natural causes. For the former, security films are effective in deterring intruders while giving you more time to take action. Window Film Depot offers a number of options for safety and security film, many of which can be integrated with the sun control benefits mentioned above.

At Window Film Depot, we are the #1 3M Window Film installer in the U.S. We specialize in both commercial and residential window film installation, and we work with all types of customers to help them choose and install the ideal window tint and film to best meet their needs. Ready to get started? Contact us online or call us at 1-866-933-3456.