Contra Vision®

Perforated Window Film

Contra Vision® delivers more than just any perforated window film solution. Going beyond most conventional products, such as one-way perforated film for privacy and security, Contra Vision provides advanced window treatments for vinyl graphics and advertising displays, building wraps, architectural glass, and various other residential and commercial needs.   

Every window and every application is different, requiring unique demands on products and their capabilities. Contra Vision’s print substrates surpass the industry-standard by offering a wide range of perforated window film products that ideally suit every project’s needs. Not only are they REACH compliant, but customers can leverage a full spectrum of perforated film solutions for performance, protection, campaigns, privacy, and various other purposes.

There’s a reason why Contra Vision is widely known for one-way perforated vinyl privacy window film. The brand’s hybrid approach to developing specialized product solutions caters to a number of different industry demands.

One-Way Perforated Window Film for Privacy & Security

For office spaces, retail environments, healthcare facilities, and educational institutions, layering glass with privacy and security window film treatment is often a necessity. Contra Vision offers a tasteful alternative to unsightly barriers and conventional solutions like blinds and drapes. The brand’s one-way perforated window film transforms glass into opportunities for one-way privacy, solar shading, decorative architectural features, advertising, or branding – all while maintaining superior transparency from the other side.

As an extension of Contra Vision’s roots in advertising window graphics, the company now offers a complete line-up of perforated privacy window film treatments that leverage its advanced one-way vision technologies. Unlike traditional one-way and reflective window films, Contra Vision products permit a clear view outside at night. Using the smallest, micro-holes in its core perforated range, Contra Vision delivers the clearest see-through experience from inside buildings at all hours of the day. For alternative privacy film solutions, the company also offers frosted and decorative films for two-way privacy.

Vinyl Window Film Graphics & Building Wraps

Contra Vision enables businesses and brands to transform glass into valuable advertising space. There are virtually endless possibilities using Contra Vision’s vinyl window film graphics, including point of purchase (POP) displays, visual merchandising, and advertising promotions on everything from retail entrance doors, windows, and glass partitions. Perforated vinyl window graphics facilitate prominent and impactful advertising and brand awareness in unexpected locations without disrupting outside views or natural daylight from entering the store. 

With Contra Vision perforated window film solutions, customers can transform buildings into large advertising billboards but without obstructing the view from inside. Perforated building wraps offer highly-flexible media visuals and can often have a powerful role in advertising product launches, branding campaigns, and event marketing. In an era when social media and viral communication thrives, building wraps are reassuringly visible, thereby communicating your promotion to a large local audience.

Decorative & Architectural Glass

Because glass has become a dominating feature of modern architecture, it has presented building owners with both design challenges and utility hurdles. Contra Vision’s decorative and architectural glass solutions have been designed to cater to both aesthetics and functionality. The brand’s architectural glass solutions inspire architects and designers to enhance the appearance of glass with decorative effects and endless design possibilities. But beyond design and aesthetics, large buildings can be better equipped for other demands.

Providing similar benefits as energy-saving window film, Contra Vision delivers on solar control glass features specially designed to reduce solar heat gain, UV radiation, glare, and air conditioning costs. Additionally, glass manifestation capabilities amplify the visibility of otherwise mirrored or transparency glass. This can prevent bird strikes, as well as offer backdrop screens for digital projections on buildings.

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