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Restaurant & Retail Storefront Window Film


Our retail window film and tinting solutions for safety and security provide shatterproof and ballistic resistance for storefront windows in the event of a blast, smash and grab, or forced entry attempt.

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Sun Control

3M sun control window films for retail storefronts promote a comfortable environment for your customers and employees by reducing excessive heat gain, UV rays, and sun glare.

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Glass Protection

3M glass protection window film solutions for retail storefronts help prevent injury due to spontaneous glass breakage, or guard against vandalism of windows with anti-graffiti technology.

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Energy Savings

Investing in 3M window films for your retail storefront windows and glass doors can significantly reduce heating and cooling expenses and promote a comfortable environment for your customers.

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Window Film Depot carries and installs a wide variety of 3M privacy window films for retail storefronts including smart/switchable, one-way, frosted, mirrored, blackout films, and custom graphics.

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As America's #1 installer of 3M commercial window film, few companies can compete with our selection and advanced installation capabilities for decorative retail window films and custom graphics.

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More Info on Retail Storefront Window Tinting

Why Invest in Window Film for Retail Storefronts?

There are many reasons to invest beyond storefront window tinting for retailers and restaurants. While window tinting can help to reduce glare and UV exposure, the right window film can offer even greater sun control, as well as provide safety and security benefits to help prevent shattering, vandalism, and smash and grab attempts.

Prevent Vandalism, Shattering, and Smash & Grab Events

Perhaps one of the most common reasons for retailers choosing a safety and security window film over storefront tinting is to mitigate vandalism and shattering that can occur from smash and grab events. For retailers and commercial storefronts, some of the advantages of installing the proper window film include:

  • Anti-shatter and breakage properties, holding glass together during forced entry attempts.
  • Providing customers and employees with more time to take action in the event of an intrusion.
  • Protecting individuals and property from flying glass shards in case of intense natural disasters.
  • Minimizing vandalism and loss of store inventory.
  • Low cost, 365 days-a-year, passive security that has no moving parts.

At Window Film Depot, not only do we provide 3M Window Film security solutions for retailers and storefront applications, but we also offer more advanced security glazing products like DefenseLite and BulletShield. These retrofit polycarbonate shields are window and door glass treatments that can help mitigate forced entry, bullet penetration, and other more serious threats.

Minimize Overhead with Sun Control Window Film

By leveraging our retail window film solutions, you can leverage both security and sun control capabilities with your investment.

  • Prevent glare and intense brightness when exposed to intense morning and evening sun, low-lying winter sun,  or long sunny days during summer months.
  • Substantially reduce heat and temperature irregularities, which can often result in hot spots near storefront entrances and checkout areas.
  • Block damaging UV rays that causes fading and discoloration in store furnishings, inventory, product displays, and upholstery.
  • Minimize heat leakages during colder months of the year.

Not only do sun control window films provide greater protection and energy saving benefits compared to standard storefront window tinting, but most solutions are entirely transparent and allow natural light into the store.

Many of our retail customers take value in the added level of comfort that window films offer. Customers and employees can enjoy a consistent store environment with no hot spots, glare, or intrusive brightness.

At Window Film Depot, we also specialize in wall graphics, building wraps, and custom printing solutions. We often work with retail customers to achieve their desired aesthetic by combining decorative window films with functional features like solar, safety, and security benefits. Interested in learning more? Contact us online or call us at 1-866-933-3456.

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