BulletShield™ Ballistic Panel

Referred to as “Body Armor for Windows,” BulletShield is a revolutionary retro-fit ballistic protective system for existing windows and door glass.  BulletShield is not window film, but rather a clear polycarbonate security shield that’s mounted over existing window and glass doors, providing a bullet-resistant, impenetrable layer of clear glass protection. It’s the ideal security glazing solution for schools, government buildings, courthouses, police stations, and businesses that are vulnerable to 21st century ballistic threats.

Next Level Ballistic Protection: BulletShield

As the bullet-resistant version of DefenseLite, BulletShield is independently tested to provide UL 752 ballistic ratings, preventing breach against 9MM, .44 Magnum, and AR-15 bullets, to name just a few. BulletShield can be installed over your existing glass on the interior or exterior of the glazing frame, providing affordable retrofit protection for vision glass from bullet threats.

Bullet-Resistant Glazing vs. Security Window Film

Unlike most security window film treatments, BulletShield is bullet-resistant window glazing that’s specially engineered to protect building occupants from ballistic threats. BulletShield has been used by thousands of customers throughout the U.S., providing a transparent design that delivers unbeatable performance under attack.

While both BulletShield and DefenseLite are available for all types of applications, we can offer discounted programs offered specifically for schools and campuses. These programs are designed to help make schools safer – DefenseLite’s top priority of service. In addition to making bullet-resistant glass treatments more available to schools and educational facilities, there is also a program designed specifically for NSSF members and protecting stores from unwanted entry and inventory theft.

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