5 Creative Ways Businesses Use Perforated Graphics & Vinyl Decals

5 Creative Ways Businesses Use Perforated Graphics & Vinyl Decals

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Perforated window vinyl offers endless creative possibilities for all types of businesses – whether it be retail storefronts, restaurants, office buildings, workspaces, hotels or condominiums.

Most businesses use perforated window decals and graphics for signage and storefront promotions. And in most cases, businesses require highly-custom (and sometimes highly-urgent) perforated window graphics – including both design and installation.

Below, we offer insight into the world of perforated window vinyl and how our team at Window Film Depot has helped various business execute both stunning and functional graphics to suit their needs.  

What is Perforated Window Vinyl?

Vinyl graphics have been around for awhile, however, their creative applications continue to evolve. Perforated window vinyl is a film applied to glass windows and doors that has a desired ratio of see-through holes and vinyl, thereby creating a transparency effect. As an example, some perforated window decals have a 70/30 ratio (70% vinyl material and 30% holes), with the transparent holes often being about 1mm in diameter.

While each installation is unique, the most common application of perforated window vinyl is turning glass doors and windows of automobiles and storefronts into advertising space. To put these applications in context, below are five actual case studies from Window Film Depot involving perforated window film and vinyl graphics.

1. Launch a Marketing Campaign Overnight

Window Film Depot’s engagement with Dick’s Sporting Goods is a classic example common among both large and small retailers alike. That is, highly time-sensitive window graphics installations to accommodate major marketing initiatives.

For this project, the reputable sporting goods store needed to transform its storefronts overnight to launch its latest Nike marketing campaign.

Window Film Depot mobilized three separate graphics installation crews to install over 7,400 square feet of custom-printed vinyl graphics before sunrise. The project involved 3M printable 50/50 perforated exterior mounted graphics, which captured the athletic image of the Nike brand.

The outcome: successful installation at three stores completed on time and under budget, and a successfully-launched marketing campaign across each store. See the Dick’s Sporting Goods case study to learn more.

2. Establish a Vibrant Office Interior That Inspires Creativity

As a global leader in the mobile communications industry, GSMA opened its Atlanta office in early 2018 to better serve its members across the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

The new GSMA office space would be located in Armour Yards, formerly an old railway yard positioned between the Buckhead and Midtown Atlanta neighborhoods. Over the years, this area has been transformed into a mixed-use campus that delivers a creative environment where businesses can thrive.

In turn, the creative teams at GSMA wanted to refresh a bland office space into an exciting and engaging space. Window Film Depot custom designed, printed, and installed glass wall graphics (like that of “Photo Tex” removable media), providing an economical, yet visually-stunning brand extension for the client.
Now, a once plain office space has been brought to life through vibrant and expressive graphic murals surrounding the entire perimeter of the workplace. Read more about the GMSA project and how the use of perforated graphics have helped create a more inspiring and productive atmosphere.

3. Showcase Seasonal Promotions with Time-Sensitive Installation

Nationwide communications company, Verizon is no stranger to time-sensitive promotions require large-scale installations. When the company needed marketing uniformity for a seasonal campaign, its storefronts were the forward-facing priority in reaching patrons and passersby.   

Verizon required a professional contractor to install and later remove seasonal promotional graphics to all of its US based stores over a 10 day period. When Window Film Depot was awarded the bid, the team deployed over thirty installation technicians across the nation to remove existing materials and to install new seasonal graphics across over 1,100 retail stores.

To successfully execute the project, Window Film Depot crews were organized to visit up to 10 stores per day while reporting in real time with completion photos and individual store sign offs. All stores were handled within the stated 10-day timeline. See the Verizon case study for more information about this project.

4. Create Brand Uniformity in High-Volumes

For some retailers with hundreds – even thousands – of locations, creating brand uniformity across all stores can present a challenge. This was the case for Family Dollar, the second-largest variety store of its type with locations in 46 of the 50 states.  

After a decade of hyper-expansion throughout the U.S., Family Dollar’s existing storefronts were inconsistent in their exterior branding. The project thereby required high-level coordination with Family Dollar & Jones Lang LaSalle’s (JLL) Retail Renovation Group to enable Window Film Depot to service 30-50 Family Dollar sites per week. The project would unfold in conjunction with a variety of other contractors in a synchronized refresh program across multiple markets simultaneously.

Over the course of 2 years, over 2,000 Family Dollar stores were surveyed and serviced with a unique window vinyl graphics, creating uniformity across Family Dollar storefronts. Get the full story and view the Family Dollar case study for more about this project.

5. Combine Sun Control with Custom Graphics

As one of Atlanta’s luxury boutique hotels located in Midtown, the W Hotel offers contemporary, 4-star accommodations ideal for both business and leisure. The glass entrance of the W Hotel made for a highly exposed lobby area that was susceptible to the sun.   

As such, glare and solar heat gain presented a serious problem for hotel management in the lobby, bar, and guest check-in areas of this downtown Atlanta destination.

By installing over 8,000 sq feet of 3M Solar FIlm, Window Film Depot helped meet the sun control challenges of the W Hotel while also incorporating a custom printed “W” design. The project required special processing to ensure colors remain vivid even under long-term extensive sun exposure.

The outcome solved the glare and heat problem while also rendering an impressive and recognizable design element for this unique Atlanta hotel destination. To learn more about the energy savings and aesthetics of this project, view the W Hotel case study.

You can learn more about Window Film Depot’s capabilities in perforated vinyl and window graphics by calling (866) 933-3456, or by contacting us for a free estimate.