Glass Protection

Window Protection Film Installation


Nearly invisible after installation, anti-graffiti film is not only an effective deterrent against graffiti and vandalism, but it also can eliminate the need for expensive glass replacement.

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Multi-Layer Surface

Seamlessly applicable to surfaces in just minutes, multi-layer surface protection film can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications, making it an ideal choice for almost any smooth surface.

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Spontaneous Breakage

With the proper window film and attachment systems in place, customers can leverage anti-spontaneous breakage capabilities as well as buffer forced entry and hazards from natural disasters.

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Shatterproof film increases the protective capability of glass windows and doors while minimizing threats from natural disasters, smash and grab burglaries, and even bomb blasts.

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Window laminate film can mitigate hazards from shattered glass while increasing security and protection against smash and grab events. We can help you find the right laminate film for your needs.

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Temporary Masking

Ideal for window and glass protection at construction and building sites, temporary masking film is an easy-to-install solutions that's designed to repel water, paint, and mortar splashes.

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More Info on Glass Protection Films

Why Invest in Glass Protection Window Films?

Whether as a security measure against smash and grab burglaries, greater resistance against mother nature, or both, window protection film is the best defense against the elements. Protective window film provides much needed resilience to help protect a building’s weakest link: glass windows and doors. From anti-graffiti and surface protection film to laminating and shatterproof film, there are many options available when seeking the window protection film for your needs.

Benefits of Window Protection Film Installations

Of the window glass protection films available, 3M Protective Film delivers to the level of safety, security, and transparency that most customers require. In addition to flawless installation, the beauty behind 3m Protective Films is that they can be integrated with 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment Systems for additional safety and security, as well as combined with 3M Sun Control Films to also help protect against UV exposure, glare, and hot spots.

Since 1992, Window Film Depot has grown become the nation’s #1 installer of 3M Window Film. While our company serves homeowners and residential customers, Window Film Depot handles larger scale projects for offices, governmental facilities, retail storefronts, schools, and other buildings exposed to human and natural threats. Window Film Depot delivers the industry’s latest products with professional installation services, providing a one-stop solution for all your window film needs. Whether your building is subject to breaking and entering crimes or natural disasters, the combination of 3M’s Safety & Security Films and Protective Films delivers an array of options to consider.

For more details about window protection solutions, contact Window Film Depot online or call 1-866-933-3456.