Energy Savings

Energy Savings Window Film Installation

Heat Control

By working to reject ultraviolet (UV) and electromagnetic energy and better moderate indoor temperature, heat control window film is a financially sound investment that pays for itself.

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Low E & Insulating

Functioning as both a window insulation film and a heat blocking film, Low-E film retains cool air during the summer and heat during the winter, so you can save on energy expenses year round.

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All Seasons

In addition to providing protection against harmful UV rays, all season window film is also commonly sought to reject heat during peak sun while acting as a clear insulator during colder months.

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More Info on Energy Savings Window Films

Benefits of Energy Saving Window Film Installation

There’s a reason why the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) considers energy saving window film one of the leading investments in energy conservation technologies. With top tier products like 3M Window Film, it can take as little as three years for a standard installation to turn a positive ROI, delivering one of the fastest paybacks in energy saving technology.

Upgrading your windows and glass doors with energy saving window film from 3M can yield significant savings to your bottom line. With overall heat gain minimized by upwards of 79%, energy window film can help you save as much as 19 kWh per square foot of glass. From commercial offices, retail stores, and governmental buildings to schools, hospitals and healthcare facilities, all types of buildings stand to gain from the energy saving benefits of window film.

What Science Says About Energy Efficient Window Films

In 2011, the U.S. DOE completed a study on the top 50 commercially available energy conservation technologies. The technologies were ranked on three categories: payback; probability of success; and overall energy savings.

The technologies were then sorted into two categories: first-tier technologies for deployment; and second-tier technologies with less benefit and may be considered for specific targeted applications.

Primary takeaways for energy efficient window films:

  • Ranked as top tier technology
  • Fastest payback ranking available approximately 3 years
  • Highest probability of success

The overall probability of success is based on customer acceptance, ease of retrofit, knowledge base of the technology, and supply chain strength. Only four technologies received both a fastest payback rating and highest probability of success. In addition to energy window film being near the top, the others include PC power management, condensing water heaters, and air side economizers and filters for data centers

It’s worth noting that replacement windows were also studied, yet they received much slower payback ratings and lower probability of success due to the significant initial investment costs and disruption to tenants required for a new window replacement. Overall, energy saving window film is proven to be one of the best investments to conserve energy and minimize heating and cooling expenses.

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