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Privacy Cloaking Film Installation

Commonly used as an architectural film for glass walls and office windows, cloaking film is designed to obscure computer monitors and digital screens to outside view. The primary benefit of cloaking film is that it adds an invisible layer of privacy against screens, helping protect sensitive data and confidential information in open office environments. In turn, cloaking window film an ideal choice for governmental agencies, healthcare facilities, and corporate offices with large windows and glass walls.

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Benefits of Cloaking Films for Privacy

Cloaking window film helps create a more secure and protected office atmosphere that provides peace of mind to collaborate freely and work as a team. Similar to other types of privacy film, cloaking window film is completely transparent and offers an attractive, customizable solution. Available in a number of styles and designs, cloaking film can also be used with other glass treatments, like decorative films and other types of privacy film.

At Window Film Depot, we’re recognized as the #1 3M Window Film installer in the nation. Whether your interested in cloaking film or other window treatments, we can help you experience unlimited possibilities in designing the appearance and aesthetic of your office or work space. Cloaking film is a tasteful choice that adds both function and decor without compromising transparency.

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Cloaking Film Products for Privacy

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