Temporary Masking

Temporary Window Film Installation

Whether for temporary masking during painting and construction or to add privacy and protection for special occasions, temporary window film is a unique solution engineered for convenient, short-term installation on your windows during events, construction, remodeling and renovations. These films are easy to apply and use a low tack adhesive that leaves no residue.

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Benefits of Temporary Privacy Window Films

Ideal for construction window and glass protection, temporary window film is designed to repel water, paint, and mortar splashes. It’s also easy to remove when projects are finished. Alternatively, temporary window films are the perfect solution to create temporary privacy covering for windows, whether for highly-anticipated job site or event. Translucent options are available, making it possible to let natural light through while offering UV resistance and other sun control capabilities.

As the nation’s #1 3M Window Film installer, Window Film Depot can help you pinpoint the perfect temporary masking film for you project. Whether you need a protective layer to keep glass and surfaces clean or temporary privacy window film for a certain occasion, our experts can recommend the best options to suit your needs.

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Temporary Window Film Products

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