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Low-E & Window Insulating Film Installation

When it comes to moderating temperature in regions with seasonality, Low-E film delivers the best of both worlds. Both a window insulation film and heat block window film, Low-E films are designed to retain cool air during the summer and heat during the winter so you can save on energy costs all year round. And when you choose 3M Low-E Window Film, you can leverage advanced window insulation performance, much like upgrading to a double-pane or triple-pane window to help lock in heat.

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Benefits of Low-E Window Insulation Films

3M Low-E films provide significant energy savings 24/7/365. These “all season” films have been shown to provide paybacks within an impressive 2 year period. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, nearly 40% of heat loss in commercial buildings is the result of windows. With exceptional window insulation film properties, Low-E film helps keep your indoor environment warm during winter months, while minimizing costly heating bills. Additionally, these window films offer high visible light transmission with a natural view and transparent appearance, so you can eliminate the need for using blinds, drapes, and other less efficient conventional solutions.

Like most 3M Window Films, Low-E film offers UV protection capabilities that blocks harmful rays that cause fading and discoloration in furnishings, upholstery, and product displays. So not only can enjoy lower heating and cooling bills, but you can also enjoy anti-glare and UV protection features that promote a comfortable atmosphere. Schools, hospitals, offices, retail stores, and every type of building in between can be improved with 3M Low-E film. It’s the ideal insulating film for glass windows and doors for all sorts of structures, including homes.

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