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Privacy Blackout Window Film Installation

5% blackout window film, commonly known as 'limo tint", is the ultimate choice in privacy film. With blackout window film, the view from inside to outside is maintained while the exterior side is colored almost entirely black. Unlike other privacy window film options like matte translucent films that are not transparent from inside, 5% blackout window film gives the window a dark, tinted look from inside while maintain excellent vision to the outdoors. And because blackout film absorbs most light rather than reflecting it, you can enjoy the same UV protection benefits of sun blocking window film.

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Benefits of Privacy Blackout Window Films

Of the most popular options in this class, 3M Blackout Window Film delivers exceptional performance and benefits. Standard Blackout Film from 3M is characterized by resilient, high-calliper thickness with a structured surface and matte black appearance. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, this product is highly-resistant to scratching, chipping, and abrasions. Installed using an adhesive layer, 3M Blackout Window Film delivers excellent weathering performance and provides dependable adhesion under extreme conditions and environmental stress, such humidity cycling and climatic change.

As the nation’s #1 3M Window Film installer, Window Film Depot is your go-to source for blackout window film products and installation services. We handle the window film needs of commercial office buildings, government facilities, retail storefronts, and educational institutions. We help our customers realize the cost-efficient benefits of window film alternatives compared to painted surfaces and conventional sun blocking solutions like blinds and drapes.

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