Window Security Film Installation Cost & Price Estimates

Window Security Film Installation Cost & Price Estimates

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While a lot of people are interested in installing window security film in their home or office, price is often the number one obstacle. This is completely understandable, as you’re entitled to a quality service that doesn’t break the bank. Fortunately, the typical window film installation cost is actually much lower than most people expect. This article will run through the average window security film installation cost and the best place to get a quality job done.

How Much Does Window Security Film Installation Cost?

As with most of these types of questions, the answer is ‘it depends’. There are several different factors that go into determining the price of a job. These include the size in square feet, scope of the work involved, type of window film selected, and the difficulty of installation. We’ll go through each of these points and outline how they’ll impact your final security film installation cost.

Residential Cost Determined by Square Footage

The typical window security film installation cost for residential properties is $6-$8 per square foot. While the majority of homes will fall in this range, some can dip as low as $5 per square foot, whereas others may even reach $20 per square foot. Decorative window tint and security window films will tend to cost much more than solar control window films.

Warranty, product clarity, and longevity are also key factors that can impact the security film for windows cost. Llumar and Vista frames tend to be the most reliable on the market, meaning they cost a higher initial price. That said, this initial expenditure can be made up with long-term savings in the form of less frequent repairs and maintenance costs.

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Other Window Security Film Installation Cost Factors to Consider

While the square feet size of the installation is probably the most heavily-weighted factor, there are certainly other considerations involved. Most notably, you’ll need to consider the cost for a clean, professional installation, and the time involved. A typical job with 2-3 glass panes can generally be completed within the hour.

The frame type is also a consideration, with wood frames costing more than vinyl ones, for example. Larger-than-average windows can also complicate the installation process, requiring larger film sizes and multiple installers that will increase the price. Second and 3rd story windows also tend to be more expensive, in large part due to the scaffolding and ladders that are required.


The typical residential window security film installation cost will be around $7-$8 per square foot. An example of a common job would be sliding glass patio doors with 2 glass panes that use neutral window film and have a lifetime warranty. This type of job will generally be completed within 45 minutes and will likely cost between $175-$250.

If you’re after a reliable installation team that can get your security film installation done efficiently and effectively, feel free to contact us today.