UV Protection

UV Protection Window Film Installation

UV protection window films deliver an excellent way to protect your home or office from heat and faded furnishings while maintaining optimal visibility and natural lighting. Sun blocking and UV protection film provide a host of benefits. Not only are these types of window films designed to effectively reduce UV ray transmission, but these spectrally-selective films can also help improve your building's energy efficiency and overall bottom line.

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Benefits of UV Protection Window Films

Whether you need clear UV protection window film for either commercial or residential windows, 3M takes sun control to an entirely new level. 3M’s UV protection films are non-metallized, multilayer optical films that reject up to 97% of the sun’s infrared light and up to 60% of the heat coming through your windows. Designed from the highest quality, non-metallized film, 3M UV protection window film are a great solution for your interiors. Whether your homeowner or business owner, choosing 3M Sun Control Window Films gives you peace of mind, increasing your level of comfort while minimizing your utility bills.

Since 1992, Window Film Depot has built a reputation as the #1 3M Window Film installer in the nation. We help a number of customers, ranging from governmental offices to healthcare facilities, purchase and install UV protection window film. In addition to sun blocking window film to protect against UV rays, our company is able to combine additional window treatments to help improve the security, comfort, aesthetics and overall efficiency of your indoor environment. We will help you realize the energy saving benefits of UV protection film by pairing these features with safety and security window treatments as well as decorative glass films to achieve your desired aesthetic and benefits.

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