Location: Atlanta, Ga.

The Challenge

Bland office space required refresh to excite and engage the creative teams at GSMA.

WFD printed on wallpaper – like “Phototex” media providing for an economical, yet stunning, brand extension for the client.

The Solution

Custom designed, printed and installed environmental wall graphics.

Duration:  Three days

The Result

Once plain office space brought to life through vibrant and expressive graphic murals surrounding the entire perimeter of the work place. Happier, more productive employees.


Graffiti tagging and acid etching causing significant damage to transit station glass surfaces creating expensive replacement costs for MTA and an eye sore for citizen passengers.

MTA required ‘above standard’ installation to cure the tagging problem while mandating nighttime installation work. Lighting and wind breaks stationed to create ‘clean / safe’ space in order for WFD tec

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