Multi-Layer Surface Protection

Multi-Layer Surface Protection Film

As the name implies, multi surface protection film is versatile option that can be used for a number of different applications. Easily applied to surfaces in a matter of minutes, multi surface protection film can be used in both vertical and horizontal applications, making it an ideal choice for virtually any type of smooth surface. Whether to prevent dust and dirt from spreading during construction and remodeling projects, or to help protect areas of your home during a renovation, surface protection film can used on surfaces like interior mirrors and glass, countertops, ceramic tile walls and floors, concrete floors and surfaces, vinyl surfaces, and other non-porous compositions like granite, marble, quarry, and porcelain.

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Benefits of Multi-Layer Surface Protection Films

At Window Film Depot, we provide a number of solutions when it comes to protective film products, with 3M offering exceptional capabilities in surface protection film. Of the most popular products in this class, 3M Scotchgard Surface Protection Film is widely-applicable option that’s used in airports, building entrances, bathrooms, kitchens and cafeterias, building and construction sites, retail stores and shopping outlets, and other heavy traffic areas. The beauty behind this 3M surface protection film is that it’s thin, almost invisible to the eye, and requires no special tools or installation techniques to install or remove.

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