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Switchable & Smart Window Film Installation

Commonly referred to as smart tint, switchable glass film is applicable to any window or smooth glass surface that requires an adaptable level of privacy. As the name implies, switchable film can be manually dimmed from clear (transparent) to frosted (opaque) on command. Either with the flip of a switch, push of a button, or swipe on a smartphone, switchable privacy film is a dynamic and innovative option that has become a popular choice in creative office spaces, governmental facilities, and educational institutions.

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Benefits of Switchable & Smart Window Films

Switchable film provides dependable and convenient privacy on demand. But unlike conventional window blocking solutions like blinds and drapes, switchable film doesn’t compromise on visibility and clarity. This form of “smart tint film” delivers the same UV blocking and anti-glare benefits as sun control window film. Designed with adhesive smart film technology, switchable film acts as a state-of-the-art blind system with fully dimmable capabilities.

At Window Film Depot, we can customize and install switchable privacy film to meet your unique needs and desired aesthetic. Learn more about how our professionals can help you select and install the switchable film for your project. Call 1-866-933-3456 or contact us online to get started.

Switchable & Smart Window Film Products

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