Spontaneous Glass Breakage

Install Safety Films for Spontaneous Glass Breakage

A study featured by 3M has shown that as many as one out of every 150 windows can break spontaneously. In turn, tempered safety glass is a commonly used alternative, not only because it's known to be stronger than standard glass, but because tempered glass fragments tend to be less sharp and hazardous. But what many are not aware of is that tempered glass still susceptible to spontaneous glass breakage and isn't always the best solution to mitigate this risk.

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Benefits of Safety Films for Spontaneous Glass Breakage

A better solution to spontaneous glass breakage is 3M Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems. Such products from 3M are proven, preventive solutions that can be applied to all types of glass surfaces, particularly tempered glass. Not only does tempered glass contain impurities like Nickel Sulfide, but during seasonal temperature cycles, the stress of the glass expanding and contracting can make put tempered glass at risk of explosion. With 3M Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems, not only can customers leverage anti-shatter qualities, but they can also prevent forced entry and extreme natural disasters. 3M Safety Window Films & Attachment Systems can also be integrated with sun control features to help reduce UV rays, hot spots, and energy costs.

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