Safety & Security

Safety & Security Window Film Installation

Anti-Smash & Grab

3M Safety & security window films fortify doors and windows to provide resistance against intrusions and forced entries. Protect your most vulnerable entry points with anti-smash and grab window films.

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Active Shooter Mitigation

Window Film Depot installs security window films and advanced ballistics products that provide added resistance for vulnerable glass in the event of an active shooter or forced entry.

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Blast Mitigation

Whether accidental or intentional, blasts and explosions can cause major harm and devastation. Blast mitigation film serves to better protect people and property from flying glass shards.

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RF Attenuation

Our RF attenuation and security window film solutions are the standard for government and commercial buildings needing to secure the handling of sensitive or classified information.

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More Info on Safety & Security Window Film

Why Invest in Security Window Film?

Safety and security window film significantly mitigates hazards from shattered glass while adding protection against human intrusion. Windows and glass doors are among the most vulnerable points of entry into any building, especially homes, schools, and retail storefronts. At Window Film Depot, we offer a number of safety and security window film products from 3M. We offer solutions that can hold broken glass in place while helping to prevent flying shards from harming occupants or causing further property damage.

From breaking-and-entering crimes to natural disasters, 3M security film secures glass in place during blasts, natural catastrophes, spontaneous breakage, or ‘smash and grab’ events. In the case of human causes, safety window film can help deter unwanted individuals from entering a building, all while providing valuable time for occupants to take necessary action.

3M Safety and Security Window Film Solutions

Whether for residential, commercial, educational, or governmental applications, choosing 3M safety and security window film not only provides not only optimal protection, but also offers peace of mind. Some of the benefits of window and glass security film include:

  • Mitigating blasts and potential hazards from shattered glass due to natural and human causes.
  • Improving security and providing an added layer of protection against smash and grab events.
  • Providing victims and families with more time to take action in the event of an intrusion.
  • Protecting individuals and property from flying glass shards in natural disasters.
  • Offering added UV-protection and the benefits of sun control window film.

In addition to 3M safety and security film products, 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment (IPA) adhesives help secure broken glass to window frames. The adhesive helps to anchor shattered glass within the frame. Patented multi-layer security films are tested to meet the most demanding government specifications of performance. This innovative product from 3M is made from strong polyester films that bond to existing glass with durable, UV-resistant 3M adhesives.

Security & Safety Window Film for Commercial Installation

Window Film Depot takes its responsibility to provide security personnel and building management with the most up-to-date information available in protective glazing. Security window film, or FRF, applications are an important defensive measure that protect people and assets from bomb blast, forced entry, and windstorm. However, understanding the different film options, blast load requirements, attachment systems and installation challenges inherent in these critical retro-fits requires an experienced no-nonsense team.

Count on Window Film Depot to help determine which safety window film system is the best solution for your business. Since 1992, we have performed successful installations of 3M security films for school systems, private industry, retailers, and government agencies including the FBI, USACE, DOD, FDA, VA, and The Executive Branch.

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