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Safety & Security Window Film Installation

Anti-Smash & Grab

3M Safety & security window films fortify doors and windows to provide resistance against intrusions and forced entries. Protect your most vulnerable entry points with anti-smash and grab window films.

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Active Shooter Mitigation

Window Film Depot installs security window films and advanced ballistics products that provide added resistance for vulnerable glass in the event of an active shooter or forced entry.

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Blast Mitigation

Whether accidental or intentional, blasts and explosions can cause major harm and devastation. Blast mitigation film serves to better protect people and property from flying glass shards.

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RF Attenuation

Our RF attenuation and security window film solutions are the standard for government and commercial buildings needing to secure the handling of sensitive or classified information.

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Safety & Security Window Film Products

More Info on Safety & Security Window Film

How Does Safety and Security Window Film Work?

Normally, when conventional glass windows break, the glass shatters into pieces with some falling to the ground and others remaining attached to the frame. In extreme situations, the loose pieces may fly off and potentially hurt someone or cause further damage. 

Safety and security window film is made up of a thin, micro-layered, and tear-resistant plastic film that is applied over the surface of the windowpane and is designed to hold the glass in place when it breaks. Rather than separating into individual pieces, the windowpane stays in place. The film also provides extra strength and resilience to the windowpane which can help stop it from breaking in the case of less severe impacts.

An example of this type of product is 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film, which provides a budget-friendly solution to help minimize damage caused impacts or forced entry. While such safety and security window film provides a high level of glass protection, it’s debated whether or not it’s enough protection for extreme situations. 

Another product is 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems which securely attaches the film-coated window to the frame to stop it from being popped free. This is an essential feature as the window will often become flexible when it breaks. While the glass pieces would still be held in place by the film, the windowpane could potentially be pushed inward and freed from the frame giving an intruder easy access. The attachment system prevents this from happening.

Is Safety and Security Window Film Unbreakable or Shatterproof?

While these products from 3M™ offer adequate safety for most naturally occurring threats, the question remains: are these security window film products completely unbreakable and shatterproof? 

The short answer to this question is no. Although 3M™ Safety & Security Window Film and Impact Protection Attachment Systems are effective in minimizing breakage threats and delaying forced entry attempts, they do not make glass 100% unbreakable or shatterproof.

A stronger and more reliable solution to better prevent shatters and breaks is DefenseLite™, a window glazing solution that’s 250 times stronger than glass alone. DefenseLite™ is not an applied security film, but rather a heavy gauge architectural grade polycarbonate and extruded framing system that’s designed as a retro-fit security shield that mounts onto existing glazing.

DefenseLite™, along with its more advanced ballistic option known as BulletShield™, effectively transforms glass windows and doors into impenetrable shields. While most security window films can delay forced entry for about 30-45 seconds, DefenseLite™ has been engineered to prevent vandals, smash and grab threats, and forced entry attempts. It’s been independently tested with many different blunt force objects ranging from batons, hammers and hatchets with amazing results.

If you’re looking to make glass fully shatterproof and unbreakable, we recommend DefenseLite™ and BulletShield™ as reliable solutions for glass protection. These security window glazing solutions are optimal for schools and educational institutions, government facilities, and other buildings that may be vulnerable to armed intrusion, bomb blasts, and other outsider attacks.

What Situations Does Security Window Film Protect Against?

Although DefenseLite™ and BulletShield™ are the most dependable options to fully prevent breakage and shatters, security window film still has a place for many different applications. Here are a few situations where security and safety window film can help protect your windows, your possessions, and your family from harm.

Vandalism, Break-ins, and Forced Entry Attempts

Burglars are always on the lookout for easy targets to rob. Windows provide easy access to the average home or business premises with a burglar just needing to smash the window and climb right in. By installing security window film, you make your windows a lot harder to break to provide an easy entry point for a robbery. This makes your home or business a much higher risk for the average burglar which means they will likely give it a miss and try to find a more viable target.

While riots and other forms of civil unrest aren’t a common occurrence, they do still happen. Vandalism is a far more common threat, particularly for businesses and retailers with large window fronts. In both cases, regardless of the intent of the person who caused the damage, your window has now become an open access point for anyone to enter your property and steal your possessions or business inventory. By installing security window film you limit the chance of your windows shattering entirely and leaving your property unprotected as a result.

Severe Weather and Accidents

The weather can get unpredictably intense at times, with abrupt windstorms and hail being a threat to the integrity of glass windows and doors. A tree branch blown against your window by a strong gust of wind can easily shatter it and send shards flying inside. This leaves the window open to the elements until you can get it repaired.

Accidents around your home can also be a threat to your windows. A backyard game of baseball or a similar sport can quickly get expensive if the ball goes through your window. In addition to holding your window in place if it gets accidentally broken, safety and security window film can also provide added protection to potentially stop your window from breaking, to begin with. A bit of extra strength and resistance can sometimes make the difference between temporary deformation and breakage.

Catastrophic Events

If you live or operate a business in an area that’s prone to earthquakes, hurricanes, and other catastrophic events, then one of your fears might be that such occurrences can result in window breakage in a severe way. This also includes mitigating blasts from human causes, such as riots or terrorist threats. Safety and security window film can help alleviate this concern as reinforced glass is less likely to turn into flying shards if your home is susceptible to violent catastrophic events.

Regardless of any other measures you may take to protect your windows, an extra layer of protection in the form of security window film is a smart investment to make. In addition to providing more protection against damage and theft, adding an advanced form of window protection film will likely help reduce your insurance premiums. Your windows will always be the weakest link in your building’s security chain, so every extra bit of protection you add helps keep you and your building safe and secure.

Why Invest in Security Window Film?

Safety and security window film significantly mitigates hazards from shattered glass while adding protection against human intrusion. Windows and glass doors are among the most vulnerable points of entry into any building, especially homes, schools, and retail storefronts. At Window Film Depot, we offer a number of safety and security window film products from 3M. We offer solutions that can hold broken glass in place while helping to prevent flying shards from harming occupants or causing further property damage.

From breaking-and-entering crimes to natural disasters, 3M security film secures glass in place during blasts, natural catastrophes, spontaneous breakage, or ‘smash and grab’ events. In the case of human causes, safety window film can help deter unwanted individuals from entering a building, all while providing valuable time for occupants to take necessary action.

What Are The Benefits of 3M Safety and Security Window Film?

Whether for residential, commercial, educational, or governmental applications, choosing 3M safety and security window film not only provides not only optimal protection, but also offers peace of mind. Some of the benefits of window and glass security film include:

  • Mitigating blasts and potential hazards from shattered glass due to natural and human causes.
  • Improving security and providing an added layer of protection against smash and grab events.
  • Providing victims and families with more time to take action in the event of an intrusion.
  • Protecting individuals and property from flying glass shards in natural disasters.
  • Offering added UV-protection and the benefits of sun control window film.

In addition to 3M safety and security film products, 3M’s Impact Protection Attachment (IPA) adhesives help secure broken glass to window frames. The adhesive helps to anchor shattered glass within the frame. Patented multi-layer security films are tested to meet the most demanding government specifications of performance. This innovative product from 3M is made from strong polyester films that bond to existing glass with durable, UV-resistant 3M adhesives.

Why Choose Us for Security & Safety Film Installation?

Window Film Depot takes its responsibility to provide security personnel and building management with the most up-to-date information available in protective glazing. Security window film, or FRF, applications are an important defensive measure that protect people and assets from bomb blast, forced entry, and windstorm. However, understanding the different film options, blast load requirements, attachment systems and installation challenges inherent in these critical retro-fits requires an experienced no-nonsense team.

Count on Window Film Depot to help determine which safety window film system is the best solution for your business. Since 1992, we have performed successful installations of 3M security films for school systems, private industry, retailers, and government agencies including the FBI, USACE, DOD, FDA, VA, and The Executive Branch.

Ready to work with the #1 3M Window Film installer? Call us at 866-933-3456 or contact us online to get started.

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