Heat Control

Heat Control Window Film Installation

Let in natural light while rejecting hot spots and increased temperature with with heat control window film. Commonly called heat blocking window film and heat reducing window film - regardless of the name, 3M's heat control window films share the same underlying benefit: they reduce the cost of keeping your building comfortable. But beyond heat, 3M Window Film products have also been designed with sun control properties that can add significant value to your investment.

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Benefits of Heat Blocking Window Films

According to data from 3M, an estimated 33% of cooling expenses are the result of solar heat gain from windows. In turn, this makes energy saving technologies heat control window film products from 3M a cost-effective solution. By working to reject solar heat and better moderate indoor temperature, 3M Window Films serve as a critical element to maximizing your bottom line. In addition to the heat reflective properties of 3M Window Film, window treatments can also deliver UV blocking capabilities, protecting your home or office from faded furnishings, upholstery, and product displays. Integrated with sun blocking and UV protection film, you can enjoy a whole host of benefits while maintaining optimal visibility and natural lighting.

Since 1992, Window Film Depot has built a reputation as the #1 3M Window Film installer in the nation. We have helped a number customers, ranging from commercial offices to governmental facilities with their product sourcing and installation needs. Along with heat control window film, we’re able to combine additional product solutions to help improve the level of security, comfort, aesthetics and overall efficiency of your indoor environment.

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