Whiteboard Film

Whiteboard Film Installation

Whiteboard film enables you to transform glass windows and walls into a means for collaboration, creativity, and expressions. Far more attractive than bulky dry-erase boards, whiteboard film provides a writable surface that facilitates planning, brainstorming, presenting, and learning all on a seamless and sleek platform. Customizable to suit virtually any size, whiteboard films are a creative option that provide both function and aesthetic for a number of different applications and settings.

Benefits of Whiteboard Films

Ideal for a wide variety of uses, whiteboard film can be applied to creative office spaces, meeting rooms, schools and universities, healthcare facilities and everything in between. With the help of our experienced professionals, Window Film Depot provides the product and installation solutions to match your desired look and overall needs. We are the nation's leading 3M Window Film installer, and stand by 3M’s decades of engineering and advancements in the production of self-adhesive films.

With 3M Whiteboard Film, you will never experience permanent ghosting even after extensive use year after year. Text and illustrations can be conducted with standard, water-based whiteboard markers and can be easily removed with no residue. And with discreet thinness and weightlessness, whiteboard film maximizes space compared to traditional whiteboards and other stand-alone solutions.

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