Shatterproof Window Film Installation

Shatterproof window film has become an integral component for added safety and security in all types of businesses and facilities. From extreme natural disasters like hurricanes to terrorist attacks and bomb blasts, shatter resistant film significantly increases the protective capability of glass windows and doors, and in a very unobtrusive manner. These resilient, transparent, shatter resistant films consist of multiple, micro thin polyester layers that are designed to hold broken glazing together and improve overall glass protection. In turn, this can mitigate potential harm to a building's occupants as well as surrounding pedestrians.

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Benefits of Shatterproof Window Films

When shattered into sharp fragments and propelled at high velocities, broken window and door glass is one of the biggest threats to a building’s occupants. This is where 3M’s shatterproof window film products come into play. Of 3M’s leading products for anti-shatter safety and security, 3M Fragment Retention Window Film or “FRF Film” has been extensively tested to greatly reduce the threat of injury due to fly glass in the instance of a blast. Applied to the interior surface of existing doors and windows, FRF shatter resistant window film creates a tough 24-7 invisible barrier to protect building occupants, merchandise and critical assets from the dangers of windstorm, blasts or forced entry.

Available in different thicknesses from 4-14 mil, shatterproof window film are popular upgrades for LP officers, physical security professionals, school security personnel and corporate officials charged with protecting people and assets. In fact, 3M FRF shatterproof films meet GSA Level 2 blast mitigation performance when anchored with attachment systems. 3M shatterproof window film are also maintenance-free, vary in thickness, and provide some of the energy saving and UV protection benefits associated with 3M sun control films.

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