The Ultimate Sun Control Solution Buyer Guide

The Ultimate Sun Control Solution Buyer Guide

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​​Sun control window film offers immense benefits to properties of all shapes, sizes, and purposes. As the premier experts of window film installation across the United States, we’ve assembled this comprehensive guide on sun control solutions — read on to learn how film can increase the value of your property, alongside other frequently asked questions.

What is Sun Control Film?

​​Sun control film is a type of window film used for the specific purpose of minimizing the heat and UV effects of the sun through glass windows. It has immense benefits for both commercial and residential properties, increasing cost efficiency and creating more comfortable interiors for both residents and guests.

Thanks to its construction, sun control window film serves as an energy saver by reducing the amount of solar heat transmission. It acts by absorbing solar through the glass and limits the effect of the harsh sunlight on the occupants of a building — keeping buildings cool and reducing the amount of air conditioning needed. 3M Sun Control films come in different forms, depending on the needs of the building, and can be enjoyed in clear film without changing the look of the building.

When Is the Best Time to Install Window Film for Sun Control & Summer Energy Savings?

There is no one best time to install window film — any installation will provide significant benefits, lasting through the year’s remaining seasons and beyond. 3M Window Films offer a graceful, yet pragmatic way for working out several intriguing prospects of finagling sun control and security issues for your home or business not only in the summer, but also during winter months as well.

As we approach fall, the sun begins to enter buildings through the southern direction. This shift will angle some rooms in your home or business to develop a larger amount of daily sun, potentially impacting residents, employees, and guests with sensitive skin. Sun control films can diminish these negative effects, offering a near seamless solution to increased exposure.

Can Sun Control Films Save Energy?

Sun Control Films provide substantial heat rejection, creating energy savings for office buildings, retail stores, commercial and residential properties. Our film allows for the natural light to come in and offer high visible light transmission while the infrared rejection (up to 97%) provides significant savings and enhanced comfort. Up to 60% of the heat is rejected adding up to lower utility bills and higher energy savings. The best film choice to save energy depends on your goal and building structure — we typically recommend the 3M Prestige Series.

The 3M Prestige Series will let in the light but not the heat, creating superior comfort and clarity.  The clear heat control films are designed for minimal aesthetic change to windows while providing maximum solar control performance. This current Window Film Depot project with 3M Prestige Film blocks 50% of the solar energy without altering the look of the building.

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How Long Does Solar Film Last?

Typically, solar window film lasts around 10 to 15 years, but has the potential to last over 20. Quality of material and window film care are the two biggest factors impacting the longevity of window film; high quality products such as 3M Window Film last longer than lower quality options, while regular cleaning using non-abrasive supplies will help film last well into its expected lifecycle.

Most window film comes with a warranty ensuring replacement or repair within a certain window. At Window Film Depot, our 3M Window Film offers a lifetime warranty for residential applications, alongside a 10-15 year commercial warranty.

Does Clear UV Film Reduce Heat?

Clear UV film significantly reduces heat within interiors, offering immense temperature control benefits to both residential and commercial properties. The film serves as an energy saver by reducing the amount of solar heat transmission, absorbing solar through the glass and limiting the effect of the harsh sunlight on the occupants of a building.

Additionally, most clear 3M window films are protected with an abrasion resistant coat that provides long-term durability and makes maintenance easier. Our clear film offerings are durable, long-lasting, and highly effective at reducing heat.

How Can You Remove Sun Control Film From Glass?

Removing sun control film from glass requires two main steps — first removing the film itself, and then removing the adhesive. Generally, film removal is the easiest step of the process, while removing excess adhesive takes additional time and effort. Ideally, most adhesive will come off while removing the film to minimize additional stick left on your glass.

Sun control film removal typically involves the application of heat to break down enough adhesive for the remaining film to be peeled off. Both steamers and heat guns provide quick and easy ways to slowly peel off film. For more on window film removal from glass, check out our comprehensive guide.

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Can I Install a Tinted Film on My Skylights?

Yes, you can install tinted window film in your skylights. Sun control film offers extensive benefits for skylights, including indoor temperature control, anti-glare capabilities, weather reinforcement, and prevention of furniture fading. Skylights are known for their architectural beauty, while also creating some interior problems; tinting can mitigate many of these issues.

Sun control film installation for skylights is similar to any other kind of window film installation — just at a slightly different angle. As with all window film installation, our powerful adhesion ensures our film remains in place.

How to Fix Sun Control Film on Glass

While easy to install (especially with the help of one of our expert installation teams), occasionally sun control film may peel or curl around the edges, or bubble amidst the middle. While bubbling may be fixable, once window film curls it means the adhesive has begun wearing off — requiring entirely new film.

Thankfully, skilled installation will greatly reduce the chances of your window film peeling, curling, or bubbling. Additionally, as mentioned early, most window films come with an extensive warranty; if your installation fails, we’re here to help fix the problem or replace the film entirely.

Install Long-Lasting, Effective Sun Control Solutions With Window Film Depot

Window Film Depot is America’s #1 security & specialty window film installer — a 3M Authorized window film dealer within their Prestige Dealer Network. Our expert installation team ensures durable, highly efficient sun control for your residential or commercial property. Plus, with extensive warranties, we ensure you gain a worthwhile return on your investment. Contact us today to optimize sun control in your business or home.