Protect Birds From Windows With Window Film

Protect Birds From Windows With Window Film

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protect birds from windows with window film

Learn How to Protect Birds From Windows With Window Film

Birds frequently fly into glass windows. According to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, nearly 1 billion birds collide with glass windows each year, causing untold amounts of damage to home and business properties across the United States.

How, then, can properties protect birds from windows? Read this blog to learn why protecting birds from windows is essential and how Window Film Depot provides several cost-effective ways to implement bird protection for windows.

Why It’s Essential to Protect Windows From Birds

Why do birds commonly fly into windows? Windows not only let light into your property but also have a reflective and transparent surface. Birds often assume that there’s no window on your property and that they can fly straight into your home without safety issues. Windows are also often shiny and reflective, providing birds with a mirror image of themselves that they may mistake for another bird.

Whatever the cause, this attraction to windows can spell major issues for property-owners. Here are just a few of the threats birds pose to properties.

Structural Damage

As stated, just about 1 billion birds make contact with glass windows annually in the United States. This high number of crashes translates into hundreds of millions of dollars of property damage yearly. Bird impacts often crack or break windows and may threaten the structural integrity of window and door frames; the more damage a property incurs, the more expensive repairs will be.

Bird strikes on windows also cause secondary forms of damage. Cracked or broken windows allow for moisture buildup inside buildings, causing mold and bacteria growth, which may harm furniture, appliances, and other precious items. Pests can also make their way into a property through even the tiniest cracks, so it’s crucial to prevent birds from impacting windows in the first place and to repair any existing damaged windows as quickly as possible.

Negative Aesthetics

Few details accent a beautiful home or office building like high-quality, intact windows. Damage caused by bird impacts will detract from even the finest property’s value and overall aesthetic appeal. Cracked and broken windows are often immediately visible to even casual passersby, let alone friends, family, and coworkers.

Bird collisions may also leave unsightly marks and smudges on and near windows. Particularly nasty impacts often leave blood and other nasty substances near impact sites, while uric acid from deceased birds, in particular, can cause etching and staining on window and door frames. Thankfully, if you prioritize bird protection for windows in the first place, it’s more than likely that you will never encounter any of these aesthetic issues in the first place.

Disturbed Residents and Customers

Bird collisions aren’t just unsightly— they are loud. Bird impacts are so loud, in fact, that they can startle and disturb neighbors in a given residential area. Business owners may notice their customers becoming distressed or anxious upon hearing (or seeing) a bird impact in real time. Continuous bird activity over an extended period of time may cause more intractable issues with residential associations or landlords.

Even the sight of feathers and bird droppings nearby buildings has the potential to scare away potential customers or disturb residents of local properties. People may fear contracting bird-borne illnesses, or worry that their property is next to experience damage from birds colliding with windows. To keep your neighbors and customers feeling safe, and to give yourself some peace of mind as well, it’s best to consider installing bird protection window film or another form of bird protection for windows.

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Solutions From Window Film Depot That Minimize the Impact of Birds

There are no one-size-fits-all options with regards to bird protection for windows. Some may prefer bird protection window film, while others may want decals for windows to protect birds. No matter your preference, Window Film Depot stocks a wide variety of products for your consideration.

3M™ Safety & Security Window Film

3MSafety & Security Window Film series’ options excel at providing well-rounded protection. In addition to reducing UV ray damage and providing intense durability, these window films provide solid coverage against even the most intense bird impacts. Clear and single-layer by design, they don’t compromise aesthetic sleekness for quality, instead blending the two together seamlessly.

Window Film Depot stocks numerous 3MSafety & Security Window Film options: the exterior safety series, the solar safety series for both residential and commercial applications, and the safety series, yet again for both residential and commercial use. We’re confident that one of these options will serve as an ideal bird protection window film for your specific use case.

3M™ Scotchshield™ Safety & Security Window Films

Interested in a customizable, next-level option for protecting birds from windows? Look no further than the 3MScotchshield Safety & Security Window Films

Scotchshieldfeatures 3M’s finest protective material to date, as it’s ultra-thin yet stronger than ever. You’ll enjoy many benefits beyond bird protection for your windows. Best of all, 3M’s renowned warranties and customer service assistance will be there to provide support every step of the way.

3M™  Impact Protection Attachment Systems

3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems provide an additional element of protection and peace of mind for property owners keen on world-class bird protection for windows. This product features premium-grade window film but with a twist. It attaches the film-covered window to its frame, ensuring even greater stability in the event of a collision.

With many other use cases—theft prevention, natural disasters, and bomb blasts—in mind, we bet that the 3M™ Impact Protection Attachment Systems will protect your windows from potential bird impacts with ease.

Feather Friendly Bird Strike Window Decals

Our Feather Friendly Bird Strike Window Decals are ideal for property owners keen on a cost-effective, dependable bird impact solution for both residential and commercial settings. These decals form a pattern of distraction markers on an existing piece of glass’s exterior. This pattern effectively confuses birds of varying species and ages, reflecting nearby sky and foliage so they avoid flying into window glass.

All Feather Friendly products boast 3M quality and longevity, as they feature a 6-year product warranty. Best of all, these decals don’t interfere with glass clarity or appearance, ensuring optimal window performance and aesthetics. Everyone—property owners, other people, and birds—wins with Feather Friendly products.

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Rely on the Experts at Window Film Depot for Bird-Proof Windows

Knowing how to protect birds from windows helps property-owners avoid expensive repair fees and serious damage to their homes and businesses. However, while temporary quick-fixes may help here and there, only the experts can provide high-quality bird protection for windows.

Our team here at Window Film Depot draws upon years of expertise and thorough training to provide intuitive, results-driven solutions for bird proofing windows. We provide premium-grade bird protection window film and decals at unbeatable prices, ensuring that you get the protection you need before disaster strikes. Contact us today to learn more about us and what we do.