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Energy Saving Habits to Develop

Do you remember as a child being asked by your mother if you were “born in a barn?” There are plenty of reasons why this is important. The fact is that there are small things, even simple things, to incorporate into your every day life to see improvements in your energy usage without really having to do much of anything.

In fact, all you really need to do is to ensure that you get yourself into some habits and within a month you will notice changes. While switching one light off isn’t going to make a huge deal on your bill, combining this with other features will show you some real signs of improvement and quickly too.

To help you, here are some of the best habits that you can form to gain great energy saving benefits:

Appliance Use
Take a look at your appliances usage. There are certain appliances that generate heat more so than others. The washer and dryer as well as your oven are prime candidates. Therefore, whenever possible, use these during the cooler parts of the day such as the morning and in the evening, to keep your air conditioning from having to kick on. If it is already hot and you are using them, the air conditioning units have to work harder using more energy to do so and costing you more.

Light Bulbs & Lighting
Throughout your home or office you will find various lights on and off at all times of the day, right? Make it a habit to turn them off each time you leave a room. In addition, you will want to make sure that the smallest comfortable light is in use at all times, not necessarily the light that is going to fill the room.

In addition, as you go throughout your home or office building replacing bulbs (as they burn out of course) begin replacing them with compact fluorescent bulbs. These are becoming more and more readily available even at the supermarket and department stores. Although they will cost more to put them into your home or commercial building, they will benefit you. These light bulbs put out as much as four times as many lumens per watt. So, if you purchase a 25 watt fluorescent bulb, you are going to have as much light as if you were using a 100 watt bulb of the standard, incandescent bulb. Therefore, with lower wattage use, you will use less electricity and save money.

In addition, these light bulbs will last you almost ten times as long as a standard light bulb will. In some case, you won’t have to replace them for years! This is definitely worth the investment. Doing this slowly as the others die out will allow it to be less of a cost shock.

Benefit from an exhaust fan in your home kitchen or commercial cafeteria area to pull out the heat and humidity from the area as you are cooking. In the summer, their use is outstanding in these areas to keep your air conditioning working less.

In addition, the bathroom facilities require an exhaust system..with the humidity pulled out before causing the air conditioning to kick on.

Adding Window Film
3M Window Films control heat, sun glare and UV radiation. Enjoy lower energy costs, increased comfort through glare reduction and enhanced fade protection. Insure your most precious valuables from premature sun damage with 99% UV block.

Project Management: Window Films Done Right

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Window Film Depot: Atlanta, Ga. 2010

Having recently completed a contract for a US Government agency that took our company from Northern Maine to Guam while installing 3M Security Film on over 800 unique job sites, this ‘lessons learned’ posting can help prospective buyers and suppliers of ‘fragment retention films’ (FRF films) benefit from our experience.

Below are five areas to focus on to ensure a successful multi-site security window film installation project.

  1. Have a Dynamic Work and Communication Plan:  Even the best blueprints drawn up by world class architects ‘evolve’ when real world challenges present themslves once the bullets start flying. The same holds true for multi-site installations of window films. As a contractor,work to build the necessary rapor (trust) and stay in constant communication with the client to ensure that when audibles do need to be called, you are able to do what’s necessary in the field to get the job done right.  As the client, listen to your contractor and step in where you can help to remove obstacles to implementing the revised playbook.
  2. Align your Organization and Partners: You may be ready for the ‘big time deal’ – but are your staff and vendor partners?  Don’t assume your technicians will be as excited as you are to be in 40 cities in 80 days. Bring key performers into the early planning of the project in order to get their input and insights. ‘Buy-in’ at this stage is essential – and people respond well to collaborative work plans.   Critical vendors and suppliers need to be part of the work plan for cash flow,  product procurement and inventory challenges that lie ahead. Avoid surprises by honestly discussing your needs and concerns, like product availability and shipping deadlines.
  3. Train up and ‘Tech up’ your Team: Installing fragment retention window films on 800 unique sites requires experienced PM’s and professional installers who can think on their feet and have the tools at their disposal necessary to succeed independently. For instance,  field technicians need to be able to adapt to a variety of different window and frame types while delivering the installation within GSA or USACE  spec. This requires an investment in training on the latest application techniques provided by 3M distributors, like Energy Products Distribution. Communication is also key between site contacts, project managers and installers. Utilizing smartphones, PDA’s, digital cameras and real-time video feeds can often help solve problems instantly –  avoiding costly return trips and missed deadlines.
  4. Control the Delivery: Sub-contractors can play an important role on big projects but need to be a supplement to the core installation team and not left alone to do the work that needs to be done by company employees. As a customer, make sure the company you are hiring is actually doing the work and not acting as a third party facilitator. Nothing can substitute for a boss’s ability to call out to ‘his guys’ and make sure the job gets done no matter what and at the highest standards of installation quality.  Everyone knows that subs respond differently to challenges than employees will and when things get tough, which they inevitably will,  you want “company guys” in the fox holes.
  5. Have a Quality Assurance Plan: Don’t wait to the end of a project to discuss the quality review and QC plan. Be upfront about industry standards and expectations. Retro-fit window films are difficult to install and there are well documented guidelines from the International Window Film Association to help contractor and customer define acceptable installations. During the pre-execution stage, document expectations with digital images of samples. Pay special attention to cure times,  anchoring caulk beads, edge contamination levels, light lines and acceptable layers of haze inherent in some thicker security films.

Always have a service plan in place to take care of warranty issues and confirm that all documentation is filed with the film manufacturer to ensure compliance after the troops return from the field.

When is the best time to install window film for sun control & summer energy savings?

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3M Window Films offer a graceful, yet pragmatic way for working out several intriguing prospects of finagling sun control and security issues for your home or business not only in the summer, but also during winter months as well. Decorative window film is also turning out to be a prevailing pick and with several options to select from, it’s easy to see why some favor privacy film and some admit window film is more of an energy efficient option. 3M Window film applications are inducing more and more smart interior designers & architects to utilize 3M Sun Control, Ultra Security and Fragment Retention films.

When security film is applied an unseen layer of security facilitates to hold glass in place when it attempts to shatter are made due to fierce storms, accidents, home invasion or illegal entries. 3M Safety & Security Film (Fragment Retention) can dramatically limit damage from high impact shattered glass, defending people and premises.

3M Privacy, Sun Control & Security Window Films offer:

  • Enhanced construction aesthetics and privacy
  • Solar protection for your dwelling
  • Ameliorated safety from glass
  • Protection for your piece of furniture from ultraviolet illumination
  • Energy efficient energy bills

Please continue to read our website pages and feel free to contact me with any questions about window film – Jeff Franson, Window Film Depot CEO

Smart Buildings choose Window Film for Energy Savings

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Commercial Window Film Solutions – Atlanta

So, Mr Building Engineer, you’ve installed the timers on the lights, replaced the air filters, upgraded the HVAC system and changed out the light-bulbs….What now – your energy costs are still out of control? How about a money saving ’face-lift’ from Window Film Depot with high performance solar window films?

Conservation of energy is the ‘other side of the coin’ in today’s debate around energy independence.  For all the talk about solar, hydro, bio, and other ‘clean-tech’ solutions in the pipeline, one thing needs to be remembered. If we don’t conserve, we won’t win the battle, or the war.

Solar control window film is a proven solution for engineers, facility managers and building owners who work hard to drive building operating costs down through lower energy usage.

Building owners know that managing energy costs downward is critical to a profitable operation – and press their engineers for solutions that impact the bottom line.

Mr Building Owner, do us both a favor, on the next hot and sunny day, stand in front of one of your west facing windows and count to 20. Then, as you wipe the sweat from your brow, consider the benefits of solar control window films for a minute….and call the head engineer in for a meeting.

First, look at the performance. Solar films will block up to 75% of the heat gain streaming through windows. Low-E, (low emissivity), films provide dual purpose solutions by not only rejecting heat coming in, but also keep warm air in, acting as an insulator.

Second, solar film is easy to have installed. Solar films are installed on existing glass as a retro-fit in the matter of days, if not weeks for larger projects. Crews work off hours and on weekends to ensure a smooth and non-disruptive project.

Third, window film is a great investment that addresses multiple issues. Installed properly, solar window film will last form 20-30 years before needing replacement. For most buildings, the payback in energy savings alone is between 2 and 4 years. Ancillary benefits like improved tenant comfort, UV protection, glare control, added privacy and security make window film a ‘green solution’ with multiple value propositions.

Make sense? The next steps are easy. Window Film Depot provides national sales and installation services of solar, security and designer window films.

Call Window Film Depot today for our free assessment of your portfolio of properties. 866-933-3456 or use the contact form below to get the ball rolling.

Window Film Boston-Los Angeles-Orange County -New York-Tampa-Seattle -Atlanta- Window Film Solutions

Energy Savings & Window Film Insulation Have Lots in Common…

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It goes without saying business & homeowners need to consider energy-saving steps to lower their bills and with that in mind, did you know windows are one of the great energy wasters of any house or commercial property?  Between 18%-25% of the total heat loss is from traditional double glazed sealed windows.

New technology, however, has resulted in more efficient energy saving windows that can significantly cut down on heat loss.

Heat loss is not the only concern with windows – they can also let in heat during summer weather, thus increasing the cost of running an air conditioner.

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Modern windows use special materials to treat the window glass. Low emission coatings are applied to the inside surface which reduce heat loss through the glass. The windows are constructed of two layers of glass with an inert gas in between them. This gas – usually argon – reduces heat loss even more.


To prevent the sun from over-heating the sun during the summer, glass can be treated with window film that reduces interior temperatures.


There are many components to energy saving windows that can help cut down on your heating and cooling costs. Please visit Window Film Depot’s Green Energy Savings section to find more about rebates and tips.



Window Film Depot provides security film installation services for corporate, retail and residential customers across North America. Our ability to scope, propose, and deliver window film solutions to our clients is unparalleled in the window film installation services business. We are straight shooters who deliver on promises made. We have the experience and proven track record to help you make a confident decision on how best to protect you’re most important assets.


For more information on how we can help you decide if window film is right for your property, please call 1-866-933-3456 and ask for Jeff or you can e-mail me using the form below.

Northern Trust Bank and Jones Lang LaSalle trust Window Film Depot to install their Solar and Glare Control Window Film…

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Chris Sullivan, Window Film Depot’s West Coast Market Manager, was contacted by Jones Lang LaSalle to help asses a serious problem Northern Trust Bank in Newport Beach was having with heat and glare. Jones Lang LaSalle is Northern Trust’s property management company. They have successfully used Window Film Depot on other projects like the new World of Coke building in downtown Atlanta. “When I first walked the property,” Chris states “three things immediately popped into my mind – I can’t believe they don’t have Film yet, this is not going to be easy, and it’s going to look so much better when we’re done!”

This property has over 3,500 square feet of glass and most of it faces South and West. In the always sunny climate of Newport Beach this presents an enormous problem with heat gain and glare. For years the bank has relied on drapes to block the sun. These drapes do very little to block the heat and look unsightly from the exterior. They also block the view and when closed the occupants need to rely on artificial lighting inside which consumes more energy.

After assessing the property and seeing the issues first hand Chris recommended 2 Film Types from 3M for the application. On the lower panels in the Front entrance 3M Prestige 70 was recommended because they need to keep the glass clear but still wanted the solar control benefits of Window Film. 3M Prestige Films use a nano-technology that allows it to be optically clear on the glass while blocking up to 66% of the sun’s solar energy. 3M P-18 was selected for the rest of glass because the exposure to the sun demanded a Film that was going to aggressively reduce sunlight and heat. With 78% Glare Reduction and 72% Heat Reduction, the P-18 was perfect for the job.

Scott Sullivan was the installation manager and worked after hours around the banks schedule and completed the installation in 8 days. Scott said, “There were some challenging areas and it wasn’t easy, but I’m good enough, I’m smart enough and dog-on-it I’m dangerous with a squeegee…”

George Arnell, Jones Lang LaSalle’s Northern Trust Facilities Manager, flew in from Texas to observe the installation once it was complete. He said, “Window Film Depot did an excellent job on this very difficult installation. The staff thinks the Window Film has made a huge difference. They can work without straining their eyes to see their computers, and the offices on the west side have noticed it’s much cooler and more comfortable now.”

We are looking forward to seeing the difference in the energy savings from next years hot summer months with the 3M Window Film to the previous year’s months without the Film. With this amount of glass facing South and West the building could yield 30 – 40% in energy savings! That’s an estimated payback of 3.5 years.

See the finished results and notice the aesthetic improvement the installation has brought to the building…

Whether you are a Facilities Manager looking to improve aesthetics of a building, or a building owner looking to “Go Green” and reduce energy consumption and cost; Window Film Depot has serviced Orange County’s top commercial clients from Fletcher Jones in Newport Beach to the FDA building in Irvine.

We can provide free energy audits and forecast the savings you can expect from installing our High Performance Window Films. For window film projects in Southern California, e-mail Chris Sullivan @ Chris@windowfilmdepot.com. For service in all 50 states, call Window Film Depot Corporate @ 866-933-3456 or use the contact form below:

Window film Los Angeles, Window Film Orange County, Window Film San Diego, Window Film Palm Springs

Do-It-Yourself Window Film & Installation

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The windows in your house let in light and air, but they can also let in ultraviolet rays and unwanted intruders. One good way to protect your home from the latter without compromising on the former is by installing window film.

Window Film Depot offers window films made from a protective coating made of polyester and metal alloys held together with adhesive to make a film. Less expensive than double- or triple-pane windows and easy to install, window films increases the durability of your windows and makes them more shatter-resistant, so they can stand up to break-in attempts, gale-force winds—even explosions! Not only have that, but window film blocks out almost 100% of harmful ultraviolet rays protecting both you and your furniture from long-term sunned damage. It also reduces solar gain in the summer and insulates in the winter, which can significantly lower your cooling and heating bills. Window film is available in various strengths and shade’s, so assess your home needs and decide which kind of film works for you.


Once you’ve chosen a window film that suits your needs, you can begin installation. Here are a few things you’ll need:

  • A spray bottle full of mounting solution (you can make a mounting solution by adding one bottle of film aid concentrate or ¼ tsp. conditioner-free no-tears baby shampoo to 1 qt. of bottled water—not hard tap water, since it can leave spots on the film);
  • A squeegee;
  • A break-away utility knife and replacement blades;
  • A lint-free cloth;
  • A ruler or tape measure;
  • Razor blades for cleaning the glass;
  • A partner, for larger windows;
  • A clear, dust-free work area.

Visit the WFD “Do-it-Yourself” website section for more information on achieving the best results while installing window film yourself.

For more information on Window Film Depot and our products and services, you can visit us at www.windowfilmdepot.com or call us toll free at 1-866-933-3456.

Window Film Depot serves the entire United States with main offices in Atlanta, New York, Los Angeles, Miami & Boston.

Window Film Depot 3M Energy Efficient Window Films…Is Your Home or Business Green Enough?

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Escalating energy costs, green architecture, climate change and severe weather patterns – combined with the looming threat of terrorism create “perfect storm” conditions for high-performance solar and security films. Window Film Depot – a 3M’s national installing dealer of solar and security window films is poised to help – no matter your location.

Although energy cost management and solar control continue to be the primary purpose of window films, window films provide increased insulation performance, UV protection superior to most Low-E glass, and provide safety and protection, with the ability to mitigate the impact of seismic stress, hurricane wind debris, and explosive force.

Reducing Energy Usage and Costs

Applying window film to flat glass surfaces – single pane, double pane, “Low-E,” or treated glass – can reduce the cost of air conditioning by 30-40%. Window Film Depot rebates and tax credits.  We even facilitate rebate processing for our commercial customers.

Green Building Principles and Resources

The buildings in which we live, work, and play protect us from Nature’s extremes, yet they also affect our health and environment in countless ways. The design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal of buildings take enormous amounts of energy, water, and materials.

As the environmental impact of buildings becomes more apparent, a new field called green building is gaining momentum. Green or sustainable building is the practice of creating healthier and more resource-efficient models of construction, renovation, operation, maintenance, and demolition. Research and experience increasingly demonstrate that when buildings are designed and operated with their lifecycle impacts in mind, they can provide great environmental, economic, and social benefits. Elements of green building include:

  • Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
  • Water Stewardship
  • Environmentally Preferable Building Materials and Specifications
  • Waste Reduction
  • Toxics
  • Indoor Environment
  • Smart Growth and Sustainable Development

For more information on how window films and Window Film Depot can assist you on your green program, please call 866-933-3456 or visit www.windowfilmdepot.com.

While completing a recent install…A child asked “What is Window Film made of?”

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Window film generally combines some form of plastic with an adhesive to create a covering for windows. It is available for commercial or residential use, and there are also options made especially for automotive use. Window Film Depot offers not only different looks and styles, but also different functions with the most common to limit sunlight. Other styles offer a reflective coating, which helps to protect against UV rays, prevent fading of interior furnishings, and keep cooling costs down by limiting heat.

When you choose a film by Window Film Depot, you are choosing a stylish alternative to common window treatments adding elegant style that will not only improve the look of your windows, but help retain your privacy. Choose decorative film that mimics frosted glass, glass block, or stained glass, as well as many other beautiful options. Another excellent film service Window Film Depotprovides is protection against graffiti and vandalism. These films keep windows from being scratched, painted, marked, and make them more difficult to break. This helps save homeowners and business owners a great deal of money and time of the inconvenience from replacement windows.

Window Film Depot prides itself in its ability to provide safety for homes and businesses. Some film types are specially designed to bond with the glass in windows and keep them from breaking in extreme conditions, including storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes. If the windows do break, they won’t shatter into sharp glass shards that fly about potentially severely harming people. Once installed, this creates an environment of great safety in your home or office and also for family members and employees.

Before the next storm warning occurs; make sure you have window film professionally installed by Window Film Depot no matter your location nationwide or abroad…or you can even do it yourself. Take a look at some of the features of our website…fill out a free estimate request, check out our pre-viewer and see which film is right for your windows, call us today at 1-866-933-3456 or email us: info@windowfilmdepot.com if you have any questions.