3M Scotchgard Protective Film – Mitigate Graffiti Damage

3M Scotchgard Protective Film – Mitigate Graffiti Damage

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Graffiti Window Film – Los Angeles California

The battle over graffiti has long seemed like a never ending one for businesses and storefronts. With no one to hold responsible for a damaged window, businesses were forced to keep changing their windows time and time again with what seemed like no solution in sight until the innovative product from 3M hit the streets.

3M Scotchgard Protective Film was developed by 3M to protect windows from all form of graffiti including scratches, acid etching and gouges. This is particularly useful for retail facilities, public buildings and any building that has a high level of glass application.

A defaced window does little to enhance the reputation of the business and could reflect negatively on that business. 3M Scotchgard Protective Film is acid-etch resistant which helps to protect your glass from the irrevocable damage which etching solutions could easily cause.

It also makes it nearly impossible for sharp objects or other tools to cause scratching and abrasion on the window. One great feature of Scotchgard Protective Window Film is that even though it sticks quite firmly to glass, providing the protection your glass needs, the adhesive from 3M is semi-permanant – it can be removed easily by a trained professional.

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