Advantages of 3M Window Films – Ceramic Series

Advantages of 3M Window Films – Ceramic Series

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The benefits of window film cannot be overblown; they save a lot in energy, bills and protection. If you would like to know more of benefits of window film for your building, read this post.

3M has established itself as an authority when it comes to window films and the Ceramic series are no exception. Despite the many benefits of window film, a lot of building owners are partial to it because of the tint available in some window films.

However, these tints are known to fade, particularly if they are made from dye. This is where the 3M window film – Ceramic Series stands out from the pack. By making use of advanced ceramics, 3M window films keep their color and appearance for years to come. Also, the fact that they do not utilize metals means that there is no corrosion to look forward to later on.

Like all 3M window films, the Ceramic Series are also effective in aiding you save money and using them reduces your environmental footprint. They reject up to 59 percent of the total solar energy and up to 80% of harmful and heat-producing infrared rays thereby ensuring that you use less energy in cooling your building. The benefit of this is overwhelming when studied in terms of annual energy bills.

Looking for a film that is as clear as glass yet does not leave you without protection from the harsh glare of the sun? 3M Ceramic Series will do both for you. Regardless of whether it is night or day, the clarity is astounding and utilizing these window films will only enhance the beauty of your design.

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