3M Window Film Solutions for Your Building

3M Window Film Solutions for Your Building

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With different products to suit the unique needs of your building, 3M has widened the scope of window film.

As an energy saver, 3M window films function to reduce the amount of direct heat that gets into your building through windows. One astonishing fact about 3M Sun Control window film is that as it works, it saves about 1 ton of air conditioning per 100 square of sun exposed glass and this readily turns to a shorter energy bill. Fully utilizing window films for all your windows will save you a lot of energy which in the long run, translates to lower electricity bills.

Besides saving money and energy that is needed to keep the surrounding air well conditioned, filming also shield you gadgets like computers and sofas from discoloration due to the UV rays. Keeping out 99 % of the dangerous UV rays, filmed windows also keeps you safe from these rays which have been known to cause skin cancer. It also reduces the glare of the sunlight by about 50% leaving a better and more enhanced sight for the eyes.

In commercial buildings in particular, 3M Safety and Security films serve to deter would be smash and grab attacks. The films also reduce the chances of a casualty caused by flying class during a bomb blast or earthquake and with these things becoming common, filming of window is an inexpensive but effective way of protecting yourself.

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