Heat Reducing Window Film: Reduce Heat Gain, Glare, Hot Spots & AC Costs

Heat Reducing Window Film: Reduce Heat Gain, Glare, Hot Spots & AC Costs

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Daylighting Systems Window TintingHeat reducing window film, also known as “heat control” window film, has become one of the most financially sound investments for almost any application, and for a number of reasons. Not only does heat reducing window film help to minimize a building’s energy consumption due to sun-induced heat gain, but heat control film also helps dramatically improve occupant comfort while enhancing an interior’s ambiance.

Heat reducing film is engineered with treated micro-thin layers of film that are designed to block the sun’s ultraviolet and infrared rays. So while these sun control films effectively reduce heat gain, they also deflect UV rays that can discolor and fade interior furnishing and upholstery over time. Solar films can also exhibit daylight redirecting capabilities and can naturally luminate a room’s interior environment. For commercial office buildings, retailers and shopping centers, hospitals and healthcare centers, and everything in between, heat reducing window film can provide long-term ROI in more ways than one.

Proven ROI of Window Film to Reduce Heat and Glare

At Window Film Depot, we have helped a number of customers realize the ROI of window film to reduce heat gain and glare. Based on payback studies with sun control products from 3M, most customers can see a potential payback in less than three years. Below are several examples of the energy savings and ROI we’ve helped certain customers realize.

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  • FDA Building based in Irvine, CA – Over 40% reduction in heat coming through windows, thereby reducing interior temperature by an average of 7 degrees (ROI: < 60 months)
  • Premier Business Centers in Newport Beach, CA – After installing an exterior weatherable, high density silver window film, estimated savings for building owners exceeds $19K per year in AC related cooling costs and interior comfort levels have improved employee morale
  • Georgia State University in Atlanta, GA – Solved the sun glare problem with a solar reduction of over 40% and kept management from having to install costly motorized sun shades (ROI: < 48 months)
  • BG Place Tower in Houston, TX – Reduced heat gain by 40% coming through windows, balancing temperatures reducing annoying “hot and cold” spots throughout the building (ROI: < 24 months)
  • Downtown Hilton in Atlanta, GA – Hilton engineers report that 3M window film effectively reduced heat gain through windows while improving guest comfort and allowing for window blinds to be removed in lower open areas (ROI: < 36 months)

While heat reducing window film offers proven ROI for energy savings, such installations also have clear benefits in improving occupant comfort. For commercial applications, this can have a considerable impact on the morale and productivity of employees.

Additional Benefits of Heat Reducing Window Film

While high heat rejection and summer energy savings is one of the most highly sought benefits of heat reducing film, customers can combine other features when investing in such window treatments. From the low-lying nature of the winter sun to the long sunny days of summer, the intense brightness and UV rays from the sun can pose a problem year round. Compared to traditional solutions like blinds and screens, heat control window film with glare-reduction properties can offer a more cost-effective and easy-to-maintain solution that doesn’t obstruct the view to the outdoors.

Anti-Glare Window Film Tinting InstallationLow-E film, or insulation window film, is anothr unique treatment that’s ideally suited for moderating temperature in regions with seasonality. Considered both a window insulation film and heat block window film, Low-E films are designed to reduce solar heat gain in the summer  and keep heat in during the winter so you can save on energy costs all year round. In turn, customers can take advantage of advanced window insulation performance, similar to upgrading to a double-pane or triple-pane window to help improve window and door glass efficiency.

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