3M Ceramic Films – For “High Def” Viewing

3M Ceramic Films – For “High Def” Viewing

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3M Window Film Installation Newport Beach, Ca.

3M Ceramic Films combine superior solar performance with high-, definition clarity. Utilizing the latest nano-ceramic technologies, 3M Ceramic films are installed for both home and office use. Ceramic films offer high visual acuity, providing crystal clear viewing to the outside world.

Ceramic films work by absorbing infra-red heat energy from the sun. Like all 3M solar films 3M Ceramic Series films block 99% of the sun’s UV rays. Unlike traditional metal films that appear reflective or mirrored in sunlight, 3M Ceramic Films are natural in appearance and low in both interior and exterior reflectivity.

Where to use 3M Ceramic Films

Great for applications where sun exposure is severe, but two way visibility is desired, 3M ceramic films look fantastic installed and are considered by industry insiders as the new standard in high-definition solar control. In addition to their ultraviolet rejection properties, 3M Ceramic films are a great way to reduce your environmental footprints.

Window Film Depot

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