3M Scotchtint Films – Still a Classic Performer

3M Scotchtint Films – Still a Classic Performer

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Commercial Window Tinting, Atlanta, Ga.

3M Scotchtint films were invented by 3M in 1966 and continue to be the highest quality metalized film products in our industry. Metal films work by absorbing and reflecting the sun’s visible light, reducing the amount of solar energy coming through window and door glass. High in solar energy rejection performance, these metal films are aggressive heat and glare blockers, providing optimum solar control for western and southern exposures for larger residential, commercial and government buildings.

3M classic neutrals and “Night Vision” films offer high performance at a lower price point for consumers who still demand quality and reliability. Available in different level tints, the medium to darker versions (NV25% and NV15%) shield the interior of a building, providing for privacy from passersby during the day.

Where to use 3M Scotchtint:

Scotchtint films are best suited for buildings that require significant sun glare and heat control. Daytime privacy can also be achieved with the installation of Night Vision 15 and 25% films. Installed on commercial and government buildings, 3M Scotchtint films have strong 3M warranties guaranteeing impressive performance for years.

Window Film Depot

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