Understanding 3M Safety & Security Window Films Warranty I

Understanding 3M Safety & Security Window Films Warranty I

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3M is a leader in the window film market; in fact, they developed the first ever window films and have introduced classic and innovative ways in which window film can be used to enhance a building and to protect its occupants. One of such innovations is the 3M Safety and Security Series.

The 3M Safety and Security Series of window film is used to protect a building from smash and grab crimes. It also offers a form of security from bomb blasts or rough weather by holding the windows together and protecting the occupants of the building from harm and injury which can be caused by flying shards of glass.

There are a lot of really good reasons to use 3M Window films for the window film needs of your building particularly as 3M is constantly working on solutions to further improve on the effectiveness of their window film. A great reason why 3M window films are greatly recommended though is their warranty structure.

For commercial buildings, 3M has a warranty period of 10 years. Where the 3M Safety and Security Window Films are concerned, 3M and the 3M Authorized Dealer warrant that the window film will maintain its Solar Reflective Properties without cracking, crazing, or peeling; that it will maintain Adhesion Properties without blistering, bubbling, or delaminating from the glass; that it will maintain appearance without discoloration and also that it will maintain strength, tear, and penetration resistant properties.

This is just a little tip of the iceberg in terms of the warranties offered by 3M on its Safety and Security Films. We will be sharing the second part tomorrow to help you to fully understand what the warranties mean.

Window Film Depot is an authorized 3M window film dealer and these warranties also apply to us. We do not quibble about our work neither do we engage in business that is not straightforward. With several decades of experience in window film installation, we have earned a deserved reputation for delivering quality business on time. For a free estimate, contact Jeff@windowfilmdepot.com.