3M Night Vision (NV) Series Window Film – ‘Window Tint’ Done Right

3M Night Vision (NV) Series Window Film – ‘Window Tint’ Done Right

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High Performance Window Films: Avoid shiny or mirror -like window films with 3M Innovation:

Due to a low interior reflectivity, the 3M’s Night Vision Series window films are perfect for residential, commercial and government buildings when maintaing clear views is critical both day and night. Strikingly low in interior reflectance, 3M Night Vision window films are available in 15, 25 and 35% visible light transmission levels (VLT). The 15% Night Vision is the strongest (and darkest) NV option for solar heat gain and glare control. NV15 and 25% provide for daytime privacy from the exterior as well.

3M window films are known for their high quality and cutting edge use of innovative technologies. The warranty offered on 3M Window Films promises to maintain the films solar properties without bubbling, peeling, cracking, or crazing. These thin films from 3m are ‘color stable’ and warranted against discoloration.

If a 3M window film product is found to be defective, 3M and the Authorized Dealer will replace the film and provide the reapplication labor free of charge.

Window Film Depot is an authorized 3M Dealer that abides by the warranties provided on 3M Window Film products. With several years of experience in window film installation, Window Film Depot provides you the best solutions for your window film needs.

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