Health Benefits of Window Film – Improve Comfort and Worker Productivity

Health Benefits of Window Film – Improve Comfort and Worker Productivity

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NYC Window Films: Window Film Safety – Built in Benefits

Health, safety and security window films are an often overlooked piece in the large scheme of building design. Yet such a seemingly little part of a building carries such great health and safety implications for the occupants of any building.

Window film plays an instrumental role in a healthy building environment for building occupants. From its sun protection to its glass-shatter safety atributes, window film is becoming an important part of any commercial building.

3M Window Film – Designed Protection

3M window films are innovative and use cutting edge technology to provide the best window film solutions for your building. The Sun Control window films are designed to keep out up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays of the sun. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a little UV light is good for the skin but excessive exposure to the UV rays will lead to sunburn, premature aging and has been traced to skin cancer. 3M Window Films are made specially to protect the occupants of a building from exposure to health hazards of this sort.

In an attempt to utilize energy better and reduce their environmental footprints, there is the need to cut down on the cooling costs of a building. The danger of that is that if there are imbalances in temperatures, it exposes the occupants of that building to potential dehydration and migraines, which occur as a result of warm and uncomfortable temperatures in a building. Worker productivity diminishes significantly as well – another hidden cost of untreated windows.

3M window film keeps out the heat, making it possible to use less energy for cooling while still maintain a cool, inviting working environment.

Unwanted Surprises and How Window Film Helps

In times when there are substantial threats to property – either from natural disasters or human generated explosions – 3M window film works by bonding glass on shattered windows to strong, ultra clear polyesther sheets minimizing the threat of injury from flying shards of glass.

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