7 Types of Decorative Film for Interior & Exterior Glass Windows & Doors

7 Types of Decorative Film for Interior & Exterior Glass Windows & Doors

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In the world of window films, decorative film is one of the most popular categories. In addition to being high in demand, the spectrum of decorative glass film is vast, spanning from various applications (i.e. glass doors, walls, interior and exterior windows) to an endless array of types, such as frosted privacy film, perforated graphics, architectural films, and many more. To highlight some of these various styles, below we share seven different types of decorative film for interior and exterior applications.

1. Frosted Glass Film

Ideal for windows, glass walls, and doors, frosted glass film can add a layer of privacy while still allowing natural sunlight to illuminate rooms. Frosted films come in many different styles and offer endless design possibilities. They can be partially or fully-concealed and integrated with distinct patterns, gradients, and custom designs. While often used to create private spaces for homes, offices, and other facilities, they can also complement the beauty of architectural and interior design styles. 

frosted glass film decorativeFrosted glass film is a popular choice for both interior partitions and exterior windows. For interior applications, the 3M™ FASARA™ series offers a number of distinctive styles well-suited for both commercial and residential living spaces. In addition to providing products and installation services, we help customers explore options within this decorative film category and pinpoint the ideal match for their project needs, in both feature and aesthetic. 

2. Textured and Gradient Decorative Film

Both gradient and textured decorative films can be a visually pleasing and practical pairing of gradual transitions and minimalist style. There’s no hard choice between coverage and obvious sightlines. Textured and gradient window films make it easy to emphasize the attractive qualities of space and what needs to be disguised. 

Gradient Textured Decorative Glass FilmWith gradient window film, customers can choose from a wide range of geometric and organic patterns, or have a window film installation professional orient gradient opacity from different angles, depending on the desired effect. 

Like specialty glass and some types of gradient films, textured decorative film provides ample privacy while adding an elegant accent to both interior and exterior spaces. Not only are such decorative films tasteful alternatives to window blinds, shades, and drapes, but they permit natural light and cater to stunning design possibilities.

3. Architectural Film

Architectural films are a style of decorative glass films that are used for decor, functionality, or both. Architectural window films typically provide the energy saving and UV blocking benefits that sun control films offer but with added aesthetics and design possibilities. Although mostly common in offices and commercial spaces, architectural films can also add character to the interior and exterior of homes.

dichroic decorative architectural filmArchitectural films allow customers to create stunning interior environments as well as creative exterior environments by incorporating unique characteristics and mood perspectives. From frosted and matte finishes to alluring color spectrums and geometric patterns, decorative glass window film offers both creative design ideas and advanced sun control capabilities that some customers require.

Decorative Di Noc 3M FilmAt Window Film Depot, we offer a wide range of architectural decorative films from 3M™, including products from the FASARA™ series of glass films, DI-NOC vinyl wrap finishes, and Dichroic Films for architectural laminated glass.

4. Perforated Vinyl Film

Ideally suited for custom and commercial applications, perforated vinyl film offers a whole world of possibilities. From transforming glass doors and windows into prime advertising real estate or adding an alluring aesthetic to storefronts or restaurants, perforated film is applicable for both short-term and long-term needs. 

perforated vinyl window film decorativePopular for storefront signage, window displays, promotions, and other visually-centric applications, perforated vinyl film in can allow for one-way viewing from interiors or may be used on storefront glass to promote a business. Truly decorative in their very nature, perforated films offer creative possibilities for branding and marketing.

In fact, advertising and marketing agencies often work with installation teams like Window Film Depot to help them actualize campaigns that feature head-turning window graphics, displays, and other indoor and outdoor media. When it comes to custom perforated vinyl film, we can design both decorative and intentional concepts, as well as handle the printing and installation of the finished product.

5. Patterned Decorative Film

Trending on the side of custom window film and specialty glass, patterned decorative film can offer a refreshing vibe that adds style and originality to a space. While not limited to commercial applications, the sophisticated styles of patterned window film bring both personality and privacy to any space. They can create distinct moods and levels of coverage by skillfully balancing transparency, matte areas, and surface finish.

Patterned Decorative Glass FilmSimilar to textured, gradient, and frosted films, patterned decorative film can add an inspired accent to any project. From geometric patterns, contemporary barcode stripes, and etched sparkles, patterned glass film is a true complement to an interior’s creativity. 

6. Specialty Decorative Film

The category of specialty decorative film is often used to describe a very diverse collection of unique films that render different colors, moods, and perspectives. These distinctive films can be used to customize both interior and exterior glass to create style and character.

specialty decorative filmSpecialty decorative films are often translucent, colorful hues such as blue, green, red, and yellow tints. These films add color to glass and illuminate when light passes through. They can be installed alone or in combination with opaque white and black film to produce a number of different effects.

7. Custom Decorative Film & Window Graphics

Many customers require custom window graphics and films to accommodate certain initiatives. While most common in commercial applications, custom window graphics can help actualize compelling marketing strategies to grab the attention of target customers. Not exclusive to retail shops and storefronts, window graphics offer limitless creative potential to develop impactful ideas for both large and small scale projects. 

custom decorative film window graphics

Custom decorative films and window graphics can be used to showcase sales and promotions, feature new inventory, make announcements, or leverage as signage and long-term applications. They can also be used to enhance interiors with new moods and perspectives. Imagine transforming a modest storefront into head-turning marketing tool with creative, properly placed window graphics. Or envision a newly-inspired office space that’s been rejuvenated with color, imagery, and other alluring graphics. With custom decorative film and window graphics, the boundaries are limitless.

For more information about decorative window film for either interior or exterior glass, contact Window Film Depot for product assistance and a free estimate.