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Location: Newport Beach, Ca.

The Challenge

High energy costs due to excessive heat gain plagued this Southern California office building. Access to the interior windows proved impossible requiring an exterior installation to solve the solar heat gain issue.

The installation required boom lifts to access the building glass. Once filmed, the film edges received a bead of silicone caulking to ensure a longer lifespan for the retrofit.

The Solution

Window Film Depot recommended and installed an exterior weatherable high density silver window film for maximum solar performance.

Duration:  Eighteen days

The Result

The E-film building modeling program estimates the retrofit will save building owners over $19K per year in AC related cooling costs. Increased interior comfort levels have improved employee moral and the views to the Pacific Ocean have never looked so good.

Warwick Mall

Sun glare streaming into the mall through the various skylight systems created a problem for vendors and shoppers alike in the mezzanine causing headaches for property management.

WFD installers worked closely with mall management to create access to the glass from the exterior of the building while ensuring safety for visitors directly under the skylight structures.

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