Graffiti Shield: Affordable protection against vandalism

Graffiti Shield: Affordable protection against vandalism

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Graffiti Shield

Window Film Depot is pleased to introduce our new product line of anti- graffiti films, Graffiti Shield. Any surface that can be scratched or etched would benefit with these films including glass, metal surfaces, mirrors, and buildings.

Graffiti Shield is beneficial for:

    • Educational Facilities
    • Retail Stores
    • Restaurants
    • Airports
    • Mass Transit Systems (trains, buses, etc.)
    • High Rise Commercial
    • Residential Buildings
    • Hospitals
    • Government Facilities
    • Arenas
    • Malls, and much more

Surface protection with Graffiti Shield to protect against graffiti tagging and damage, aging and corrosion, normal wear and tear, discoloration or to update the aesthetic appearance without breaking the bank. Glass Shield, Metal Shield, Mirror Shield and Custom Shield are engineered to protect these prospective surfaces effectively and economically.

Glass Shield takes the standard anti-graffiti window film a step further. In addition to protecting the glass from scratches, etching, spray paint, this film protects from acid etching, which is even more damaging to glass surfaces. The exterior coating of the film is specially coated to be acid resistant, allowing the acid to bead up to wiped off easily, without damage to the glass.

We’ve all seen graffiti etching on elevators or bathroom stalls and how it can make the office building or establishment appear run down and un-kept. At a fraction of the cost to replace an elevator or any metal surface, Metal Shield can be applied quickly and easily protecting the surface beneath it from further damage. The film layer gives the surface a new, clean appearance covering any existing damage. The film replicates the appearance of the original surface and with the proprietary adhesive, the film is not easily removed or detected by the general public.

Graffiti Shield - Elevator - Before
Graffiti Shield - Elevator - After

What about the bathroom mirrors that have been vandalized, leaving the bathroom appearing unsavory? Mirror Shield is a thick opaque mirror film that virtually disappears on the existing mirror, covering vandalism and corrosion. This anti-graffiti film is also acid resistant, durable, long lasting and cost effective in comparison to replacing the mirror.

Graffiti Shield - Mirror - Before

Graffiti Shield also offers Custom Shield which is designed specific to your needs including metal clad buildings, powder coated surfaces, window frames, train and bus interiors and the list goes on. Additionally, custom printing can be added to any of the Graffiti Shield films to display a message, logo or theme.

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