Frosted Window Film Solutions

Frosted Window Film Solutions

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Frosted and decorative window films are a cost effective way to create privacy, branding and ambiance without breaking the budget.  These films are an economical privacy solution to your office glass partitions, walls and doors.

A 3M Milano custom pattern was installed on this conference room, keeping a clean, fresh look to this office while enhancing the desired privacy.

Window Film Depot offers over 60 designs from 3M Fasara Glass Finishes. These finishes create surfaces with the look of etched, treated or textured glass, without the inflated cost.

Reports from JLL and other agencies have shown that office retail space may continue to rise until 2018:  Average Office Rents Might Keep Rising Until 2018

With this information, utilizing the space you are either renting, or own makes a lot of sense. The client here chose to install White Matte, creating desired privacy for the individual corners and spaces, at a fraction of the cost of permanent frosted glass.

Showcase your corporate identity or logo by incorporating it into your frost or decorative film.  This company uses both a color and a frosted logo identifying their name on several doorways for their office.  While actual glass etching is more permanent, window film allows for a change or update to your logo with relative ease by replacing the film.

Another way to decorate your office without breaking the bank is with decorative patterns as illustrated with this Window Film Depot install.

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