Consider High Performance Window Films to Meet Your Energy Reduction Goals

Consider High Performance Window Films to Meet Your Energy Reduction Goals

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Energy Control Measures – Consider High Performance Window Films

To reduce energy usage and costs, you are probably considering many alternatives including building envelope upgrades.  Ideally, you’d like to do something proven.  That pays back quickly. Something easy to install with minimal disruption.  Upgrading with 3M high performance window films can meet these needs while improving your interior comfort and maintaining your buildings’ aesthetics.

Proven Technology

Both government and third party consultants recommend window films as a superior energy control measure.

  • In 2011 the Department of Energy, in conjunction with FEMP (Federal Energy Management Program), ran a study to measure the effectiveness of the top 50 energy conservation technologies in existence today. Window films ranked in the top tier (with only 3 others technologies!) for fastest payback and highest probability of success. Click to see study. (
  • CONSOL Energy and Environmental Solutions (a leading consulting firm for builders, government agencies, utilities and trade associations) published a study in 2011 that shows window films are the fastest payback technology available for retrofitting homes and commercial buildings for climate zones 1-3. Click to see study. (
  • Both the US House and the Senate recognized the value of window films by including them in the HomeStar Bill in 2011.  The bill would have offered rebates for installing window films, but has not been implemented due to budget cuts.

3M invented window films in 1966 and has spent decades developing them. They are the proven leader in providing window films that reduce energy costs and improve interior comfort.

Pay Back

Depending on your climate zone, window films will typically payback in 2-5 years and reduce your annual electrical usage by 5-10%.  The CONSOL study showed paybacks for single pane glass in as short as 1.4 years and double pane glass in 2.1 years!

Window films can save:

  • $1-2 per sq ft of building space
  • One ton of a/c for every 100 sq ft of film installed

Click here for case studies in different climate zones.

Installation without Disruption

Unlike replacement windows, new HVAC equipment or even PC power management, window film installation can be done with minimal disruption of your buildings’ tenants and their activities.  Window Film Depot has the experience, inventory and locations to make your window film installation a success.  We stock every film type for all client needs and have performed more window film installations for homeowners, property managers, retailers and building owners than any other window film company in the US.

Headquartered in Atlanta, GA, our strategically located and fully stocked satellite offices are located to provide service anywhere in the US.

To find out what window films can do for you, call a Window Film Depot representative at 866-933-3456 or contact here.