Location: Manhattan, NY

The Challenge

Graffiti tagging and acid etching causing significant damage to transit station glass surfaces creating expensive replacement costs for MTA and an eye sore for citizen passengers.

MTA required ‘above standard’ installation to cure the tagging problem while mandating nighttime installation work. Lighting and wind breaks stationed to create ‘clean / safe’ space in order for WFD techs to install “near perfect” four layer ‘tear away’ clear 3M film.

The Solution

3M multi-layer 4 ply sacrificial anti-graffiti film for glass surface protection.

Duration: Two weeks

The Result

Four – layer sacrificial film now protects glass surface for multiple incidents.  Upon attack, primary surface film layer is removed leaving a clean sub-surface behind saving the MTA thousands in repair and glass replacement costs.


Smash-and-grab crime poses a significant threat to retail  operators in the area.

Client required an effective solution that worked to keep assailants from breaching the storefront and stealing inventory. Prior ‘security film only’ solutions deemed inadequate based on the attack methods of local perpetrators (sledgehammers).

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